The Boston tragedy

It is terrible when innocent people die from injury, it is meaningless to waste life because you have a cause that you believe in. What did the hapless people attending the Boston Marathon have to do with the fight in Chechnya? Absolutely nothing. America have been mostly positive to the cause of the Chechen fighters, and yet they just kill people. There may be a hidden agenda, or a point we cannot fathom, but right now it just seem pointless.

However, we still need to use this in the interest of peace. In a strange backwards way, it shows my basic point; Russia and United States of America are no longer enemies, they share mostly the same values, and are not antagonists anymore. But they are threatened by the same enemy; the Islamists. The fighters for a Muslim hegemony over the world. There are numerous muslims around the world who do not share this aim, but there are many who do. It would be, in all logic, the most natural alliance between Russia and United States of America. In fact there is an option now, to make that peace, by calling Mr. Putin, and share ideas and friendship, I really hope this would happen.

At the same time, the justice that should be put on the perpetrator should not be anything less than the most severe in the books of the United States of America, and whoever had the will to support them should be routed out as well. This is not acceptable, at all. No way.

This falls back on the basic strategy of the West and the East combined, we are, in all matters of philosophy and geotactically interest friends. I hope this will be materialized into good talks and sincere sharing of ideas and gifts. I hope so, really, really hope so.

In the interest of peace, G-d bless the will to reach out and share friendship.

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