Justin Bieber and Anne Franck

There has been a lot of talk about Justin Bieber and his “desecration” of the memory of Anne Franck. In short, he visited the museum created as a place of memory for Anne Franck who, as a child was strangled and basically killed by the Nazi killing machine.

When you do such a thing as a popstar, you are in over your head. It is as though you feel that you have so much attention and power, that you can do anything at anytime, your humility and good heart drowns in the constant superficial attention of young girls and kids.

Being a star is a difficult thing, and having the attention of so many people around the world, is as intoxicating as the most potent drug you would know. Therefor having power is like holding a beast in its tail, you wish to guide your life in a pointed direction, but the beast will constantly try to tear you off your chosen path.

When you are young, as Justin Bieber, you are basically not able to control the power you have, and there are no borders around you to keep you on the right track.

I remember when I was the age of Bieber, or in fact a little older, I had some of the same attention. Not as massive as Bieber, but I played in the local high school band and had a small number of fans tracking my movements. When we played to the parties at the high school, the girls started fancying me, and I felt pretty self-assured. Coming from a humble background, and being used to live a life of hermit book reader, I felt actually enormously good. But it all ended one day, and after the rush came the hangover. No more fans, no more extra attention and no more girls hanging out at my doorstep. The chock I got after that experience perhaps gave me a few ideas on how to counter the lure of power and attention. Because, at the end the day, what will keep your life ticking and will give meaning to your existence is not the superficial attention you get from people you do not know, it is the love you have and keep having from people you are close to. It endures, also when there are bad times and the going is rough.

It may sound pretty basic and self-evident, but when you stand in the middle of the attention, the lure of superficial and unconnected love is easy to be drawn to, and then you may lose you own sanity, or end up thinking that you are actually G-d. Which is absolutely ridiculous.

Then I learned, that you can have love on a horizontal scale, or a vertical scale. You may have attention from many, but superficially, or a few in a sincere and honest way.

This is the real choice we as persons make, I think; who do we really believe are our mates, and who do we sincerely believe will be there when the limelight dims, and you are alone. These are your true friends. Then I started trying to build in my life; good friends, true friends. I got a few, and I must say, that I am proud to say, that through all the misery and the persecution, through all the vilification, there are a few, or perhaps just one, who really loved me enough to stay true. But, then, he is worth all that there is as I know, that I can count on him.

This is what really matters. You keep your brothers back, through fire and through fights. You water his broken lips when the drought is there, and you carry his kids through all the misery that they may encounter. Then you may call yourself a true friend.

Now, never mind the Anne Franck comment, who cares, and Justin Bieber is still young. Most jews are not really that mad at him, and they like him for going into the museum. But, Anne Franck was a true friend, through her misery, and that is much more monumental than anything we may do today.

Jews are on the run again in Europe, new enemies are lurking in the dark. But I think one thing is certain; if we keep the trust and support each other, like friends should, true friends, we will persevere.

G-d bless Israel.

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