I am sorry for all the difficulties there is in the current legislative process of the Senate and the House of Delegates. It is because the land is divided. Divided between a democratic campus, and a republican prairie church. Divided between the cities and the country side, divided between the men and the women.

This division should, if anything is to be done about the crisis United States of America is in now, be bridged.

When you are half white and half black, a christian in a liberal party, a father in the city where fathers are lacking, then you have the ability to bridge these differences. Therefor the dividing issues should be toned down, and the uniting issues should be toned up.

The most important uniting issue is off cause the economy; state and business should unite, and new jobs should be created. Then there is the race issue; this should be dealt with through the eloquence of your voice. Talk to people, visit the antagonist of yourself with grace. Be where others did not dare to go. Then you can be a model to follow.

But most important; you need to unite people under the flag. People are not really proud to be American anymore, but they should be. They should be enormously proud of the Constitution, the democratic traditions, the enlightening ideas that America is built upon.

Use that pride to unite all in United States of America. Regardless of colour, race, ethnicity, religion, you all adhere to the banner.

Use the banner to rally your people around you, to make people proud to be American, and to embrace the values the founding fathers gave you.

You need to be the one, who dares to stand in the front and take all the battles head on.

Be open and be honest about your goals; to unite not divide. Only then may you build yourself a legacy worthy of your striving.

G-d bless the United States of America, the land of the free and the bold.

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