We need to focus on Syria. It is very dangerous if Assad begins the onslaught on the Syrian rebels with chemical weapons. I realize, that the immediate threat to the American economy is very high due to the lack of resources for the military. Put it simply; America needs to recover after many wars that really sucked the economical resources out of the state. Having a huge army is very dangerous to the basic economical strength, and should therefor only be used at the last moment. But however, if you use it, you should use decisively.

This is the situation in Syria now, we need to get it under control.

I propose a joint cooperation between Russia and United States of America. Use your resources wisely to stop the war now.

Make a peace, like in India, where some parts are muslim, others are Alawite and yet other Christian. Protect all who are too weak to be protected, and basically end the war.

It will leave a country war-torn, but with a glimmer of hope.

Too many things are destroyed these days, a few days ago an ancient mosque was destroyed, Christian pastors are taken as hostages. We need to end this conflict now, in the interest of the united Middle East; united in a fellowship where the strong protect the weak, and the spirit is not burdened with theft and desecration.

G-d bless the peace we are winning if we try, and try.

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