April 27th, 2013

Europe is under attack from foreign invaders, this the fact. The same people who sacked and burned the Boston Marathon are in Europe, in huge numbers. This is the fact. It does not apply to all immigrants, but a great part of the immigrants are not in harmony with the countries they have fled or moved too.

I am a son of an immigrant, or rather my father lived in Denmark for some time, then he moved back to Bangladesh. I have a pretty brown skin and brown eyes. When i walk on the streets, people look at me often with this look of respectlessness or at least a bit of hostility. This, although they have no idea about my background or my lineage. Face it, it is racism, they judge me on my skin.

Having fought valiantly for Denmark and the West in general, does not buy me any goodwill with strangers. No, at the contrary; today many people from the liberal camp despise my, and people from the conservative camp like me, but mostly do not really count me as one of their own. This the reality.

From the beginning of my fight in Europe, I have fought for peace and for an acceptance of my kind; the ones who do not have the right skin colour but yet wish to be a part of the society.

In the conservative camp, there are basically two fractions; one is the racist, and the other is the liberal. I was, and am a part of the liberal/conservative camp. The ones who I supported and supported me; SIAD; EDL and so on, are the liberal part of the conservative grassroots movement. They believe, that there should be space for people in their countries, black and white, yellow and brown, as long as they respect the values and the virtues of the countries.

My great, great, great grandfather was a jew. In his days, there were huge fights between Jews and Danes. Jews did some seriously stupid things, as well as the danes. The King solved the problems, by supporting the jews, and protecting the properties and the rights of the jews. It was a good arrangement, that, to this day, keep the peace.

My great, great, great grandfather, was the peace broker on the jewish side. He even Christianized his children. For the sake of peace.

He lost a great part of his identity, but he won the acceptance of the Danes, and thereby giving peace to the jewish community.

Now, there are many conflicts in Europe. There is absolutely no doubt, that the conflicts we see with immigrants with an Islamists background is on the rise. We see it in Boston, we saw it in England, we saw it in Denmark with the cartoons.

The point is; some immigrants wish to be a part of the country they settle in, and do strive to shed their culture and gain a new, other it is the other way around; they strive to be more like their parents, and they start fighting the country they life in.

the only real solution to this problem, is if we are able to discern between who are willing and able to respect their new country, and who are not.

This process is what I tried to start. To enable the European countries to fight the right persons, and protect the right persons. Right now it is the other way around; they fight the wrong persons and protect the wrong persons. By fighting EDL and SIAD, the peaceproces will not initiate. By protecting Islamitic organizations, the conflicts will continue.

Hereby, the new focus, I have tried to define; a peace loving, but consequent philosophy. Where all people, despite their skin colour are welcome in the community. But people who want to destroy and annihilate is unwelcome, is very important to strengthen. Not like now, where I live in the remotest outskirts of Denmark, persecuted by the secret police, and stopped at every step.

I do see things in all its complications, and only if we do that will we be able to tackle the dangerous situation that is on the rise in Western Europe.

It is not anymore about the black or the white. We all, those who love and are rightful support our countries. It is about the complicated intellectual work, we need to do to rescue our worlds.

G-d bless the light of the righteous and the will to see things as they are.

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