platoWhen we look upon the holiness of Plato, some things are clear; his main work; Timeaus, is the Epigoni of idealism. In this work does he combine the ideas of Animaxander and Anaxagoras into something of a marvelous unity.

Timeaus is the only work that survived the onslaught of the northern men on Rome. When Rome fell, few books remained, but this one. Luckily, because it represents the fusing of the best ideas of the classical world. On one hand the ideas of Anaxagoras and his ideas about spirit, that I have tried to understand, and is what lie beneath the prove of G-d I have previously entertained the audience about. And at the other hand the ideas of Animaxander and his ideas about harmony.

Basically Plato believes, that there are forms in the world, or rather geometrical forms, that we can see nature and spirit through. These forms are usable in nature, as well as in our understanding of the celestial realm.

Now, there are many ideas in the world, but when you truly understand what Plato really say, then you understand. That the ideas of man is all framed in a complicated pattern of triangles, squares, circles and other shapes. It is through the understanding of the forms, and the patterns that we may discern the harmony of man.

Combining the ideas of creation and intelligence of Anaxagoras, with the ideas of Animaxander and his forms. Is the true genius of Platonic metaphysics. The master and the flight of ideas has never been surpassed in the history of man. Maybe in this age, we will surpass them, but, we do need this to regain what we have lost in our world of happiness and love.

G-d bless those who strive for wisdom.

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