Common ground

America is going the wrong way, it needs to turn around and start building bridges. All of the recent development after the election of Mr. Barack Obama has been negative to some extent.

Turning the boat however is extremely difficult, basically because the antagonisms between the two camps; liberal and conservative are too difficult to solve. What you need to do, is to try to unwind the differences and focus on the common ground.

Common ground is where you have something you both want to do.

Seen in a historical perspective, the current presidency of Mr. Obama is not about the details of the presidency, it is about the symbolic act of a nation trying to fuse the opposing worldviews of a liberal and conservative agenda. On one hand, we have the uncompromising left, on the other hand we have the uncompromising right. What we need to find is the compromising politicians and movers and shakers that actually have something in common. Find the middle or common ground.

That was what I actually really liked about the two contestants we have had; Mr. Mc Cain and Mr. Romney. As we are close to the middle in politics, so are they, but from the other side. Somehow, we have to reach over that chasm and join in a common project.

It is extremely difficult, and we may have to work on it continuously on it the rest of the presidential period, but if we want to revive America again, we need to do it.

Common ground is where we have common interest. We know, that at least in one area we are in agreement; economy. We need to turn the boat, and we need to focus on internal growth. This is in a clear opposition to China; and we need to make the American industry move that production back.

That project is something we can agree upon.

Then there is the foreign policy. Here as well we are in more or less agreement. We share the same ideals of democracy and are willing to risk lives only if nothing else is to be done. We like the same people; The English, the Danes, the Jews, the Australian and the Kiwis. We share a wish for peace in the world. Add to this a common idea about the enemies, and we have a common ground to meet upon. There are basically just details to divide us.

There are other issues as well, talk to Mc Cain and perhaps Romney about them, on a secret and open way, and you may find things you can work upon together.

In the end, the result should be a country united, as a common people in brotherhood and love.

G-d bless the willing and the free.

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