The path of redemption is long and windy, we who are the descendants of the ideas of Akhentaten, the heretic pharaoh. As we stand here, thousands and thousands of years after the illumination started, as a project in the drawer of the mightiest ruler of Egypt. Shedding light into the hearts and the minds of mankind. The eclipse of humanity at that point, and the start of something that we today call Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The uniting force of the understanding of the outset is what can and hopefully will, carry the peace and the blossoming of love into our worlds.

The path of light is alway unique, because truth will tear you off your path, because the path you think you would follow, or tradition will want you to follow, will never be the same as the one you should follow if you follow light. Because the ideas of mankind are always in a dialogue with the reality. As reality changes so must our path. The difficult part is to follow the true path of our lives when circumstances change. Take Sweden. A new path should be plotted and another course should be laid out by the Swedes. Because the reality has changed. But due to lack of honesty, and a lack of openness in the society, no new path is found, and the country is on its way over the cliff.

It is difficult, because changing path in a situation where everybody around you believe that you are wrong, will bring you negative reactions from your surroundings. They would want you to get back on the middle way. This is where darkness reigns, this is the advisary of all who believe that the sacred and illustrious Akhentaten was on to something.

Now, there have been much discussion of cause after Akhentaten initiated the monotheistic religions. It is, to this day reflected in our worlds in numerous ways; freedom of speech, the sciences, the enlightenment philosophies, the redemption and many other places.

Basically there are two choices, if you travel the path of light. Either you can stand in the front, or you can be a more silent but yet courageous follower. Let me explain. Osiris, the son of Isis is said to be reborn in a new form every year. Why? Because in this form he can be a new beginning to all of us. He is the gentle lightbringer. Because he is the son of the moongodess Isis. The moon shines with light, but not as bright as the sun.

The rebirth of Osiris, later called the reborn Christ, is this; the gentle way of light. A way where you or we are the truth seekers in our own lives, are honest to ourselves and our world. This will give us salvation.

But there are others who are much more ambitious. They are the true lightbringers of our world. The ones who are willing to sacrifice all they have to bring forth a truth that needs to be known. These are the true heroes of the lightbelievers. They are the Socrateses, the Voltaires, the PH´s. The corageous heroes who, knowing the cost are ready to serve light at all cost.

Plato was a son of one of them. Animaxander, the founder of platonic physics and the founder of atomic physics, was a unique man. He told us, that the sun is not a G-d, it is a physical object. This break in our understanding we still are not fully recovered from. But he was right, and from there on, we threw him in jail, and he was persecuted. Yet he persevered.

He was a lightbringer of the most rare kind. Very few are able to follow where he put his foot. Because, there people are angry.

Take my fight against multiculturalism. Multiculturalism does not work, because it is too superficial. But yet, we in the West have followed it nonreflective.

We need something more profound, something that will really pull people together. To have this we need to understand what the world is. We need a deeper knowledge of our nations and the values.

In this we can find a common platform. Multiculturalism is not that. But saying this has bought me the wrath of the mighty, and the persecution of the state. Because in this I am a heretic to be cast out and hanged on the cross.

The despicable truthseeker.

This is what you as a man and as a believer in light has to choose; what are the strength of your light? Is it burning brightly as a beacon over the sea of wrath, or is it more of a gentle light?

But, be as it may; light is where honesty and love thrives in the beauty of the moon or the sun.

G-d bless all who are ready to find his path in the fight uphill against corruption, envy, and darkness.

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