The light upon the Nations


When we are attacked we often never know really why we are attacked. We stand there, overwhelmed by the ferocity of the onslaught, and wonder why. Why do people persecute us, when we have done nothing but to strive for peace and be just accepted.

Antisemitism we call it, and yet why is it there. It has continued its never-ending repetitive pattern since David was in existence. Well understanding it, must be extremely important to make an Israel that will be accepted, and a true realization of the covenant we have made with spirit.

In the Thorah it is put quite simply; Israel is the light upon the nations. The light might refer to the illumination of the nations. In the sense, that we are here to shed truth on all the problems of idolatry, corruption and other evil ways of nations that has left the path of light. This is a difficult task, but, to some extent the demand made by spirit upon Israel.

But there is another theory that might fit with the problems of antisemitism.

As I have experienced myself in my life, I have been under the curse of repetitive persecution. Sometimes in small-scale, other times in large-scale. Usually it has been in the jobs I have had through my career. Recently it has spread to my family and my living.

Anyway, I speak from personal experience, and a lot of it too much in fact.

Persecution is often, when you are a jew, not really rational. Sometimes Jews do bad things, but mostly jewish people are regular citizens, and very often very concerned with helping other people and doing things to the betterment of the society they life in. So antisemitism seem a little strange.

But when you see it from the view of the antisemitic, it seem clear to me, that it is not because jews do so much wrong that they are disliked, it is because they do too much good. The brilliance of jewish thought and leadership has often been a thorn in the side of people who do not like people who are excellent in something.

So the more we try to be good, the more they will hate us.

Now, trying to be less good than what we are able to, does not make any sense. After all, we are here on earth to make it better, and that is difficult. We need to, as I see it, make a strategy that will enable us to be as good as we can, and at the same time have success with our relations to other nations and Peoples.

Envy, because that is what it is called, if people dislike you because you are good at something, can be tackled in three ways; 1. Ignoring it. 2. Fighting it. 3. Shedding your love and your acceptance on the envious part.

Look at it this way. If you have a beautiful garden, and your neighbour has a miserable garden but he has one exceptionally beautiful flower, how should react to his envy on your garden. 1. You could just ignore it, and hope he will stop thinking about it. This is a stupid idea as long as he has a garden close to you, because he will always be reminded of the inequality of your work. 2. You could fight him. This is never a good idea, unless you really have to do it. War is a terrible thing, nobody in his right mind would want anyone to kill small children and ruin beautiful things. You have to be able to fight to win the acceptance of other people, but it is a last resort. 3. You could really give the person in the other garden a lot of kind attention. Why not? He has a beautiful flower, tell him, that you have always liked that flower, and that is just a wonderful specimen that you are really happy to be able to look upon. This is shedding light as well.

G-d bless the beauty of light.

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