The world i changing around us, in a never stopping malstroem of unwise decisions and ideas uninspired by the good grace of the lord.

We need to counter that momentum, to really inspire the common society of man in a more positive direction. There are wars everywhere, destruction of many kinds and gruesome actions done by the evil kind of man.

We are in that fight, day after day, night after night, moment after moment, to try to unwind the fallacy of man, and give the world a little respite, a little room for breathing. It is a fight, never-ending, and yet also focused on the most simple of goals; the betterment of man.

Now, there is a new pope, some steps have been taken, and thank you so much for those steps, we are walking on a beautiful path in the sunlight, and we are heading for beauty and absolution. But we are only at the beginning, there are so many other steps we must take, in order to relieve mankind from the misery it is dragged into.

Let me try to explain. First of all, there is the material realm. Here we are trapped most of us. As unthinking flys on a wall. We just sit there, and wait for another sip of the drink. Unthinking and on a wrong course.

It is said, that Isis, the egyptian ideal behind Mother Mary walk on the earth. The earth is blooming with flowers, beautiful and conjuring, Isis picks one of the flowers, and are consequently swallowed by the earth. The flowers are the desires, and the earth is the material realm.

We are here to hinder Isis and all her children from the lure of the desires.

Now, today the battle is much different than in ancient Egypt. That time, it was all about the pharaoh. Today it is all about media.

The way of turning the tide will be, to some extent, based on the ability to set the agenda in the media.

Therefor, we need a press office. The press office should be a close collaborator to the ecumenical gathering of wise men helping the Pope.

They need to think in global terms, and understand the mechanisms of media.

This does not imply, that we should tailor all we do to the media, as Hamas did when they put small children in front of rockets to get good pictures. It does however imply, that we need to understand the flow of the media.

It is difficult, we work with all the deep and serious matters of life, while as media, often is a bit superficial. But we need to understand their world, and make up a way that will bridge the gap.

In this way we can give a little space for the fight of the spirit in this world of communication.

Add to this social media, and a little step further down the road to realize the potential of spirit in the world has been done.

G-d bless the those who are able to bless the peace and give relieve to mankind.

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