Media is a bit like the uncommon negotiations that follow in the tailwind of spirit in communion. We know that something is discussed, but we rarely know what it is really all about.
Therefor media is important. What we need to do, to set up a serious press office, ig however to try to understand what media really is, and then put forth a system that will support this.

All humans are interconnected. Some are less, some are more. The interconnectedness is more or less based on conscious and subconscious relations. Some we know, others are either hidden by our limited understanding of real communication, some travel through spirit in this or that way.

We talk about light and darkness. Darkness is when communication is hindered. Something will only happen of evil kind, if people are not able to discuss it. Therefor the repercussions and the hinderance of communication is often the tool of the tyrant. Why would you want to hinder communication if you have nothing to hide?

Therefor a relation to the press should be a vehicle for light. We know, that christians are persecuted everywhere on earth, this is only possibly because they are not listened to. Take the Copts, when the headlines of the American press was filled with stories of the misconduct of the perpetrators of evil kind in Egypt, the pressure on the misconducters was raised. Light was in the room, and i banished the evil of the persecutors.

This is the role of the media, if we relate to it in a serious religious or spiritual way.

Now, media is the main tool of humanity to communicate. Some will understand media as something you can manipulate, as have The Moslem Brotherhood and Hamas. Others as something you should respect deeply as a way to spread light in the world, as have Barack Obama in the Arab Spring.

Now, to understand the importance of the media, we need to be absolutely honest with what we communicate, and it should always be to the betterment of humanity. But if we try to communicate difficult but important matters to the press, as persecutions, as poverty, but also the beautiful things as the redemption of Israel, and the beauty of life. We will, by these means give light to the world.

Communication is like the veins of the body. If it is cluttered with debris, and other things. It will contaminate and stop to flow. If it is full of live giving oxygen, it will flow effortlessly and fast.

We are the ones to bring light into the veins of the world.

We need to understand the importance of media, and understand the way we can help the flow in a positive way.

G-d bless the light of the unimpressed and the true.

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