I am sorry, I have been a bit in the distance the last two og three months. It is not because I do not want to blog, but because I have got a new job, and it is really pulling teeth out, add to this a new house and a crying baby, someone would know how it is to be in a lot of pressure.

I believe I have been at the receiving end of a tax raid as well. Whether it is something that has anything to do with the same processes that is in America, I do not know, but it has brought some stress.

Anyway, let us just stop whining, and I will try to keep up the pace, or rather focus again. It can be done, it will be difficult, but anyway, the contribution I bring to world is of a positive kind, so I believe I must keep up the energy.

Now, listen. The scandals with the press, the late persecution of a conservative press reporter is absolutely stupid. On one hand it is absolutely not necessary. If you do make mistakes, everybody does, just admit it, and carry on with the experience you got. What is important is that you are honest.

Do not cross the press, because they are extremely vulnerable when it come to their jobs. They need to be able to investigate and bring forth truth to the public eye. It is a tradition that goes all the way back to Voltaire and Socrates. Freedom of speech is based on the belief, that scrutiny of the courageous individual with a noble purpose, will bring a better world, will keep the tyrannical tendencies in check and will bring a good society.

It is therefore extremely important to protect this right, at all costs. It is a virtue and a value that is the very base of the American democracy.

If there is something in the story, tell them that there might be, and then make a plan for the remedy of the situation. Do not hesitate, move instantly with a valuedriven quest to move away all the obstacles for free speech.

G-d bless the free and the blessed.

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