Love and Israel

I believe that Israel is on a wrong path. Once we were conquerors, then we were peacemakers, now we have become some of a conquerors again. Is this the path we are chosen to follow? I belive there is a wiser path, the path of balance. Balance between defense and offense, balance between protection and aggression.

Let us first focus on the path of aggression, when are we entitled to do this? First of all, aggression is a function of nature. Everything in nature fights. Be it the ant or the flower, the bird or the bacteria. It is the way nature works.

Now to understand this, we need to apply geometry, as Animaxander has tought us, and conveyed as a virtue through Plato. How can we apply geometry to nature? Well as mentioned before, Empedochles has the most beautiful theory, that is much more advanced than anything we are currently using as models of understanding.

He claims, that nature can be seen as a sphere In the centre of the sphere is love, and on the edges of the sphere is strife. Nature pulses, so that in some points of the natural development the sphere will be filled with love, in other times it will be filled with striving and war.

We need to understand, as the chosen people, that we are the centre of the sphere, we are love. It is only when we forget this, that the tendency in the world to bring war will rise, and striving will fill all who are in the direct opposition of us.

There are other who loves and brings good fortune to the world, but we have a special responsibility to fulfill our destiny and covenant.

Now, in the daily grinding of the world, how are we to apply this knowledge to our doings?

First of all, I believe, we should have an extra room for failure of our enemies. Our enemies are always trying to make up new traps and ways to put our good name in the soil, and we are always vigilant to defend ourselves. This is good, but we must always have the extra room for failure. If they are at the door and shooting rockets at us, we must defend ourselves, but if there is any room for dialogue and acceptance, we must take that path.

To understand, that we are always in the opposite of anger because we love, can make it much more easy to be us, because sometimes it is difficult to bear all the antagonisms we have to bear.

But that is the way nature works, love does not only bring good things, it brings, as the foremost product the hate of those who are weak and envious.

That is why we should understand the Persian people, not as someone we hate, but as someone we respect and understand on a very deep and beautiful level. In this way we will persevere.

G-d bless peace as it is the way of spirit.

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