The problems in the Middle east are spiraling out of control. In the centre is the ongoing competition between Sunni and Shia. On one side represented by the fighting forces of shia, Hezbollah, on the other side represented by the fighting forces of the Sunni; Al Queda and other affiliates.

Now, who are we to blame for this calamity? We are to blame ourselves, it is not some extra spiritual being that has brought us the fight. We fight it ourselves to the consequence of the poor and the weak. The people who are suffering in the streets, the grand old buildings that are demolished, ancient, priceless edifices so beautiful we are not allowed to bring the down. Yet we persevere, we continue on our course of war.

There is a time when peace should start, when the outstretched hand should be delivered from enemy to enemy. We are all one, as we know, and the war we fight are only the consequence of materialism. It is because we are greedy, and we want what is dear to our brother.

When David was in his old age, he had accomplished all a leader should, after many years of fighting. He saw this beautiful woman, at the other house besides his own. She enthralled him, and he believed, that she was his for the taking. There was only one problem; she had a husband, one of the best fighters in his army; Uriah, a valiant and strong fighter, fighting for the colours of Israel. David however continued on his damned course, and put Uriah in the most difficult fighting situations. In situations where he was prone to fight to death.

This happened, and David took his beautiful wife. But after this, the honour of David was soiled, and his name was unclean in the view of G-d. He had sinned.

Are we not sinners, when we destroy the beautiful edifices of spirit? Are we not sinners, when we put the weak to the rule by the strong? Are we not the wrongdoers, when we can find peace, but do not take the chance?

I believe, we should always strive to follow the path of peace, as we all damned by the good things in spirit if we do not.

G-d bless those who are rightfully protecting the creation of spirit, as spirited, valiant knights of G-d.

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