I have noticed, that the dialogue with the Republicans is very difficult. Most Republicans respond with ignorance or rejection. This is to be expected in a situation where the middle in politics is so difficult to win. Both sides will try to seem as the one who are trying to unite, but both sides are truly trying to hinder the other party.

Now, there is only one course; to continue. To continue, stubbornly, persistent and honestly to try to reach the other part over the aisle.

They will not, but there are a few, and through them may you reach the others. Look for the ones who are also trying to use dialogue, like John McCain.

In this situation where the country is in the first signs of recovery, it is not wise to fight internally. In this situation we should put our differences aside and work towards common goals, you just have to be able to define those goals. This you have to do in dialogue and together.

G-d bless those who put their difference aside and work together to the betterment of all.

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