To further spin the world forward on at peaceful course, we as jews need to understand the basic premise of Israel. When Abraham made the covenant with G-d, he was in a city where everything was corrupted; the temples, the whores, the dialogue, the trading, the faith. It was corrupted by the system that we now call the nation.

Now, that system will need certain bells and whistles to function, and it needs a leader to understand the methods and the principles of the nation. A leader whereby the other nations can and will abide in respect.

This is basically what Israel is to the ones who understand the depth of the nations united.

Now, many say that nations are the cause of war. This is ridiculous. There are many causes of war; poverty, envy, power hunger and other bad and evil sides of man. The nation is basically a system whereby the man is civilized and given true happiness.

You see, if we just live by the laws of nature, everything will be done by the strongest. The justice or the power dealing will be done by those who are most prosperous in terms of psychological and physical power.

Now, in order to justify or mend that natural state, we have the nation. The nation will bring peace and protect the weak, as Hammurabi the wise leader of Babylon once envisioned.

Now, Israel needs to be that guiding light of the nations, in order to fulfill the covenant of spirit. We were given the task, we should fulfill it.

It can be done, but it will be extremely difficult, because it will demand a whole lot of courage and wisdom. We need to understand the world better than anyone, and we need to be even more just and loving that anyone. It cannot be won by deceit and manipulation, it can only be won by understand and light.

This is the true task of anyone who call themselves true Israelites, young or old, weak or strong. They should gather up in the lines of the mighty and humble and start to be as just as the ancient Spartan kings. Only then may we win the acceptance and understanding of all who call themselves believers in spirit and the nation.

G-d bless Israel.

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