To look deeper for a more profound meaning in the relationship between matter and spirit. We should try to recognize the relationship between what we are saying we are doing, and what we are actually doing.

Often we intend to do one thing, but when it comes to action, we do something else. This is often seen in family matters, where we are extremely burdened when it comes to energy, doing things in the right order and in the right sequence. We are often prone to put the blame on our better halves, or wifes, or husbands or lovers. Because the strain we feel from lifting those small babies in the night over and over again, seems excrutinarily hard. We wish to be at peace and at rest, but the babies just seem to want to ruin our sleep because some teeth is coming, or because their ear is aching or some other thing.

This is when we need to look away from what we feel we should do, and look upon what we should do. Because often we blame our wifes for this and that, they may be too slow, or too unhelpful, or too this and that. This is wrong, because we are the one who are often too unhelpful or too slow. Because we are all in need of help.

But the pair of the married couple needs to look beyond the immediate trouble, and look upon what is right and what is the most reasonable. Only in this way may we life in peace and end up in abundance.

G-d bless the peace we may find if we are strong enough, and wise enough.

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