The peace and the war

There are times for war and times for peace. Man will always choose war over peace if he is left to do what he will do by instinct. This is the dark side of man, that we always try to combat and make better.

These days, the leaders of the world are on a peaceful course, but there are so many in the world who are without any guidance and without any light at the end of the tunnel.

These days Islam is revealed in all its cruelty when it comes to the vision of holy war. We have to be honest about the violent potential of Islam. We have seen it so many times, but yet we also have to be honest about the peaceful potential of Islam.

Many read the books as they want, and condemn all who are muslims. This is ridiculous. Of cause there are peaceful and warring muslims, as there are peaceful and warring christians and jews.

The basic problem these days is the fact, that a huge problem with bored and mentally impoverished immigrants in Europe are using Islam as a means to get power and some are using it as an excuse for unruliness and war.

Let us be honest, this is not acceptable. There are rules in the European countries that all have to abide by, if you do not, then you are not welcome, then you are not a guest worth having. A guest should respect the rules of the house otherwise he is send out of the backdoor. This is how power in a house works; the master sets the rules, and if he is not respected, he will not give respect back.

Therefor; defining the rules whereby all should abide in the house is paramount. Here we have the rule of law, and the rules defined by the people. Also called a system of democracy. If the citizens, old or young, new or established do not wish to abide by the rules of democracy in their new homes, they are to be cast out. This is the rules of democracy; idiots as it is called; people who do not respect the rules of democracy are not welcome anymore.

Now, there are other rules in the Middle East than in Europe. Because the systems there are different, so we need to respect that world on its own terms. Therefor, there is a keen balance between the peace process in the Middle East where the original inventors of religion and peace processes reside, and the wars that we are gearing up for in Europe against those who call themselves the warriors of Allah and those who call for a fight for the freedom of the European people.

I hope the international community can and will put their best interests in the understanding of the issue. Because if not, the world will descend in flames.

G-d bless the willing and the workers of peace.

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