Things are getting a lot better in the Middle East these days. I believe that the ascent of Mr. Morsi as a key player in the Middle East is a good thing, as long as he puts his country’s interest over his own and his parties interest. It seems to me, that the process of Islamization has stopped, and the country is now in a precarious balance of too little and too much.

The country should move on from here, more freedom should be given to the people, otherwise the balances will tip in favor of the state. But it should be done in small steps; controlled and easily.

There are no idea in making a kingdom now. The support of the people is not there, most want democracy of a limited version, but a version whereby the voice of the people is heard, and minorities are protected.

Egypt wants to refind its glories. The glories of Egypt is as old as the civilization of man. So many things have been invented in Egypt; math, great part of the religions of the world, the religion of light and so on.

This gives Egypt a special place in the hearts and understanding of most people of the world. But, as Israel, it also gives Egypt a special responsibility to be a better country than other. To keep those principles it defined itself so many years ago.

Now there a good people in Egypt, who, to any extent, should be both protected and strengthened. These people are those who are willing to work for the common betterment of Egypt, and not just for their own community or people.

These are there on all sides of the political spectrum, but they have been thinking too much about themselves lately, and too little about the progress of Egypt.

This has to stop, Egypt is only strong if people lay their differences aside, and start working for the commonwealth of all who call themselves Egyptians.

G-d bless the land of the rising sun.

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