G-d lives

nature_wallpaper7As the Vatican is improving its course, it is clear that the restructuring measures are working. Basically, having a serious and honest leader will propel the Vatican to see itself as something else than just a closed entity that has its days in the past. It is now gearing up for the future, and it will, G-d willing, save the European soul, and add to this the entire soul of all who by the grace of spirit call themselves Christians.

As a jew I do not expect to be heard in all matters, and I do respect that my voice is relatively weak in the matters of the great seal of Christianity, but I do take an interest in the matters of man, and the jewish lore is closely connected to Christianity through Jesus Christ who gave the Christians a foundation to build upon. Gave Rome a direct connection to the matters of Babylon and Egypt, add to this a special warmth revealed in the character of the Jews, we share some very important basic motifs and aims.

Now, the Jews cannot reach all and everywhere, we are, by comparison a small tribe, but we can inspire people around the world to improve their willingness to listen to spirit. This is our aim; to improve the understanding of spirit.

Now Benedict, the late pope took up the task to unify metaphysics and physics. I believe he did that very well, and he should be regarded as a saint for that very important step. It paves the way for another fight, the real fight that comes after the Vatican has put its matters to the right state of non corruption, and the worldview of the Church of Rome is not in the grips of medieval thinking.

This step is what it is all about. This is what we have been working on for the last five years, this is why we chose a strong leader to guide the church of Rome, this is why there is such a thing as a church at all; to realize that G-d is here.

Nietzsche envisioned a prophet walking down the hills of a great mountain. When he reached the bottom, he met a great crowd, he told them; have you not heard? G-d is dead.

This has been a lie, he has never been dead. I reject the vision, and I put forth another vision. Walk with me to the end of the path, walk with me to sea were mermaids sing, and tales are untold. This place is the place where the other prophet resides, the anti prophet of Nietzsche. He gathers his crowd around him, and he calls for a sit down, and a reflection in communion. He tells them, that there is a power, stronger than all other powers, hidden in frays and in the cracks of matter. A powerful, immaterial substance, that Anaxagoras defined, and Plato consequently relayed in his epic work Timaeus; G-d is intelligence. It or she, or he is everywhere where there is matter, and even beyond. This little cracking entity will walk from the realm of the spirit into the realm of matter. This is us. It is also called life.

We can reconnect to this realm, and we can communicate through prayer. This is why there is such a thing as a church, or a synagogue, or a temple, or a mosque. To reconnect to spirit in the house of intelligence we all worship.

People have forgotten this.

They should remember again. This is the task of a renewed church of Rome. It has the ability, the resources and the will to repel the vision of Nietzsche and call people to the other prophet at the end of path, among flowers and beauty.

G-d bless the church of Rome.

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