Russia and Israel

Now there are problems with Russia, I will try to reflect a little on this in the interest of peace and Israel as a uniting force of all who believe in the tenants of Egypt and Babylon.

First of all, the change of mind we need to do in order to be the caretakers of Israel is extremely difficult. For thousands and thousands of years we have been on the run, and as a consequence we have developed a mindset suited for that situation. A “David” mindset, where we as the small guys combat the big guys through intelligence and cunning. Now, David did that at the outset, but when he became a king, he changed his behavior. He became a benign ruler, a great warrior, and off cause did some things unwanted. But all in all, he ruled as a king.

Now, this example we have to follow. We are not persecuted in Israel right now, yes there are a few opponents here and there. But mainly the war we see in Syria is between Sunni and Shia, not opposed to Israel. So we are not threatened.

In this situation, we need to change tactics. For a long time we have been in the centre of the American led coalition of Turkey, Saudi arabia, Qatar and Egypt. That is the Sunni. Opposed to this we have had the Shia led by the Russians.

Now, this has changed due to the fact, that the Americans and Russians have laid down their weapons, they no longer fight each other anymore, because it does not make sense, not politically or physically. It is too expensive, and a friendly relationship is to the advantage of both countries.

The shia/sunni war however is not over, not at all. Add to this a great surge in the secular democratic movements, and the christian minorities in the Middle East, and the antagonisms are there.

In this new strategical situation, Israel must work as a uniting force, and share the holy land with all the religions that has a stake in the ancient nation of Israel. We are not just ourselves, but the caretakers of the spiritual and political traditions we have inherited from the outset of Abraham and Moses.

This is why we cannot solely work with the Americans, we need to work with the Russians as well.

What are their interest? They are, as the catholics, interested in a link to the holy land. They want to have a little piece of it, as all who are the descendants of Abraham. The orthodox church of Andrew has had a blossoming in Russia, we need to tie up with them. Perhaps through our friendly relations to the catholics?

Catholics and orthodox are working very well together, and they are in a good course. I do not know if this is possible at all, but an attempt to reach out to the orthodox should be made.

G-d bless the caretakers of the Israel we all want it to be, as the janitors of the holy see.

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