The wars and the peace

Stalingrad_aftermathTo realize a peaceful negotiation with Mr. Putin. We need to understand the ethos of that proud man. We call the Russians the bears. It is a humongous country, stretched from Saint Petersburg to Siberia, through marshland over mountains, through pain and through elation. The last victory in the understanding of Russia was the fight against Nazism, this fight was won through sheer sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of lives in the interest of Russia. So many young men sacrificed their lives for the freedom of Mother Russia.

Now, this has gone down in history as something never really appreciated, and as Jews, we have a small token in that injustice to the Russian people. We should, as the main targets of Nazism appreciate the sacrifice that the Russians did to get the world on a better course. Nazism was evil in its most pure form. Creeping and false.

Now, this is a thing we should do to mend the feelings and the relationship between the Jews and the Russian. We should appreciate the victory that Russia won over our common enemy. Because through this victory did we also win a position of progress in the world. It was the prerequisite for the founding of Israel. Yes United States of America payed heavily for their freedom, but it was in the battle of Stalingrad that Hitler lost his dreams.

Now, as a token of friendship, I hereby, as a Jew with a clear agenda for peace, salute the troops of Mother Russia, as they cleared the world of threat to the humanity and wellbeing of all who are here. It was courageously done, and done in a way that saved the world as it was.

We are still suffering because of that stupid war, but we are on the mend. And I hope, that Israel and Russia can, together lift that task to a new level of hope and peace. The peace Russia won for the world, and the peace we should work on today as well.

G-d bless the proud home and ancient Rus.

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