New land

CaesarIf we look for examples in history, where the Roman ideology was expressed in its most potent manifestation, it was Julius Caesar. No doubt about that. He was the hero of Rome, and the most magnificent of them all. What Rome has today of unity and consistency, Julius Caesar was very much the crafter of.

He brought divinity to Rome, in the sense, that he, as a person was crowned a saint in his life.

Now, his example is what we need to use now. He was bold, intelligent, always moving, never stopping. He was the arch ancestor of Romans, and in his example can we understand what Rome should do today.

We talk about standing still, and moving. The Roman church has been standing still for too long, it needs to move. Make new paths people can follow, and adapt its strategy to the territory it is fighting in. Not physical fight off cause, but a battle for the well-being of man.

We need to make a simple strategy, that will make people believe in G-d again.

Here we need to realize who our enemies are. It is simple; it is those who do not believe in G-d. They have many arguments, but simply put. We have better arguments. We need to give our people these arguments to make them able to live in a world, where they are meeting hostile people when they tell they believe in G-d.

Now, many people are living in places where there is no problem. So we need to realize where the fronts are, in which countries, in which outskirts of mans world.

Here we need to build up a secret as well as an open presence if it is allowed. Many places christians are persecuted, so they need the protection of secrecy until they are allowed to show their faiths openly.

This is the task of the new curia, when it is cleansed of corruption. We need an able-bodied and strong organization that is able to protect those who are under siege, and we need someone to give them the benefit of good arguments and a place to seek cover in a difficult situation.

Now, we need to make individual strategies in individual countries, and we need to work fast. Every day someone is perishing under the treath of an abuser, everyday new people are living in dire circumstances, this we can and will amend.

G-d bless the church of Rome.


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