As we commence the next generation of flight from outer space to earth, we must also focus on the advancement of humankind on earth. This is as difficult as entering and leaving space, perhaps even more difficult, because man is such a wondrous and complicated being.

First of all, we have made some progress, by looking back. We have now realized, that in order to advance the economy of the West, to the betterment of not only the West but beyond, we must produce the goods ourselves. Production is moving back. There are many discussion on the taxation and cost of this and that. But bottom line, the advantage of a home produced item far outweighs the disadvantage. First of all, the production is much more stable, secondly it contributes to the welfare of the Nation, a frame we all have to contribute to, the best we can. If we need and want peace and prosperity, someone has to protect us. Since neither the EU or the common globalist movement, including many local sponsors seem to either want or are able to protect us, we need to support the framework that will; the nation and its loyal supporters. We do that, as businessmen through a loyal support of the country we live in. If a factory is placed in England, it will strengthen England, if it is placed in Wales, it will strengthen Wales.

Nations are all the rave again in the world. In the Arab world it seems to me, that we have a burgeoning renaissance. It touches my heart when arabs talk about the true sources of their misery; the lack of civilization. The philosophers who roamed the great Arab states are all gone now, almost forgotten. But in order to relive and reinvent the civilization that was so advanced, Arab states must advance themselves on their own premises. It should be done with the help of Israel, since Israel is honour bound to progress other nations, Israel cannot defy the Arab states if they wish to progress. It has to be initiated now, before the oil wealth runs dry.

First of all, it is about the understanding of mathematics. You see, the West initiated its progress basically through a single individual. A simple man coming from a minor provincial town of England, his name was Newton. This man, single-handed started the industrial revolution. How did he do that? By focusing 100% on mathematics. He showed the English public, that mathematics will give them a sure path to truth. It gave the West a way back into the depths of Egyptian lore, since mathematics is an Egyptian idea.

There are many difficulties in the rigid university oriented natural science angle, among them a decimation of spiritual faith. But the mathematical genius of Newton and the consequent progress made, was, and is, without compare in the world.

So this is the beginning. Then comes the nation building and the understanding of the political classics. Among them the Greeks, and further the Mesopotamian and Egyptian ideas. That is, in fact, not Western ideas, but exactly Middle Eastern ideas imported by the West. Plus the faith in freedom, that the West has added to the international human civilization.

The competition between Russia and America has diminished considerably, and behind the scenes, good friendships between the leaders of the world are made and maintained. This creates a situation, where the insane and unsound insistence of Iran on ruining Israel and create a super bomb is not really progressing anymore. Russia will not give the Iranians the last piece of technology to make the bomb fly, and therefore it will not happen, unless other friends are made.

My point is, that the peace process, that is the ending of war and the pain of Arabs in the fertile crescent actually have a chance to commence, and Israel actually have a chance to help and share its ideas and wealth of creativity and knowledge.

I am not naïve, and there are many obstacles we need to overcome to make peace, but I also realize that it is a possibility.

I do hope, that the peace process in the Middle East advances, and I do hope that we avoid war. If we have to commence a war, it should be as the last possible option.

I am a conservative in the sense, that I believe in the foundations of the nation, and in the spirit of the Torah. In it is says, that the jews are the light upon the nations. We as a people, are supposed to help and further the wellbeing of all nations indiscriminate. There are many suffering nations in the near vicinity of Israel. If peace is a possibility, Israel should help the suffering, along with other nations in the betterment of mankind.

We can enter space in a balloon, and we can make a better world, if we wish to. It is all a matter of will and dedication the civilization of man.

G-d bless the peace and the light upon all those who suffer.

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