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To be realistic about the fight against the islamists, we have to be honest with ourselves as to where they are, and the alliances they have.

First of all, they are pushed back over many fronts, the major win we have had in Sudan is the crown of our effort to push them back, but they are not beaten yet.

One enemy we have lost sight of is the money men behind the islamist surge. Saudi arabia have pushed some economical means as to their continued existence, Iran some. But the major contributor to the continued effort to bring down America and the West at large is not the relatively poor and corrupt islamist countries (perhaps Saudi Arabia is not wholly an islamist country), but the financiers of Europe, and especially Scandinavia.

Scandinavia is, wholly and with the heart the suppliers of Al Qaeda and numerous islamist regimes in the world. It goes through a clandestine effort of the secret service to cover up the fundraising and moneymaking in Scandinavia by the local islamists, to the open support of the islamists by leading intellectuals and literati. The most decrepit and sinister actions of the state is the employance of hard-core islamists to teach our young about the virtues of islam, and the faults within the West in connection with the criticism of their holy prophet. Yes, this is the action of the state, a shame, especially after the gains Denmark had internationally in the aftermath of the Mohammad Cartoon crisis. A good example is the journalist who, on the Daily Politiken, supported vigorously the 9 / 11 arrangement, a certain Jacob Sheik, has been the educator of our young, at 400 arrangements in the high school. Sponsored by the state, in state schools. Can it be more corrupt?

But to win over an opponent the best way is to cut their supplies. It is non lethal, and it is the easiest part. It does not cost much in terms of material and manpower.

The money to fund the islamists comes from Scandinavia especially and secondly England and beyond.

We need to stop that money flowing.

How does it work. It works by islamists gangs making money on the street on drugs, sexual abusement of Danish girls, sold as prostitutes, in England as well. Further fundraising comes from abusing the social system, and petty stores in the larger cities. The cash is hoarded in huge dollar transfers to Somalia and The Middle East in general. The traffic is largely accepted by the local authorities as a kind of Jizya, or payment for peace and tranquility. It is a bargain. The police accept the transfer, and the islamists leave the local citizens at peace, more or less.

Add to this a confrontation of all the enemies of the islamists with the means of the secret police, the media, the justice system and the cultural life. And you have a peaceful coexistence, that is the peace of islam. No harm done, no consequences done to anybody. Well a few rapes here and there, jus to remind the authority who is the boss. But apart from that, no trouble.

Now, it goes deeper than that. It is also fermented and strengthened through a real ideological alliance between the islamist and the communists. In Nørrebro, a part of Copenhagen the islamists and the communist live side by side in a peaceful allegiance. We see the communist star, Cuban heraldic side by side with huge islamist sponsored mosques. When EDL demonstrated in Denmark the alliance was materialized in a joined antagonism of islamists and communists. They basically attacked us physically, hand in hand. A pretty sight indeed.

So, in order to hit the money men behind the scenes, what do we do.

First of all, it is important to distinguish between the good guys and the bad guys. There are good guys as well. The military establishment, part of the conservative police force, part of the business life. Among them the grand shipper Mærsk.

The bad guys are many. It is mainly the same traitors now as it was under the cold war. That is the secret police, the media (or most of it), the cultural life, the communist organizations, and the extreme liberal. Add to this large parts of the educational system and you have, more or less the enemies.

The most powerful is the media. The BBC of Denmark, that is DR, just made a huge islamfest. Including educational services and praising hymns given to the amazing islamic culture. At the same time, they persecute the jews, or at least, that is what they have done to me.

So, they are an obvious target. We need to work top down. Find the most avid islamist supporters, and take them out. There are other media outlets as the Daily Politiken. The journalist Jacob Sheik, that was the supporter of the 9/11 happening works there. There are signs of a renewed course on Politiken, but they are small.

Going on from there, I would move on to the publishing companies, they have spewed out proislamist material, at large. The worst is the largest publisher Gyldendal, that I have had the dubious joyment of working at. They basically did all they could to ruin my career, meanwhile they did all they could to boost elected islamist. They should be worked top down as well.

In popular culture, there is a boy band with close connections to the Moslem Brotherhood, singing sweet songs as, Guantanamo, and demanding no alcohol at their concerts, adding a few songs on the beauty of Aisha. They should, at least, have a nonpartisan treatment and be banned from entrance to the rest of the world.

Going on to the secret police. Well we know where their heart lies. Islamist lovers most of them, ex communists of top of this. Work them down top to bottom, they are mostly traitors.

Moving on to the political life. There is the potential new foreign minister, and anti-Semite and racist. She is called Annette Wilhelmsen. Very few would miss her. There are plenty more, lift a rock, and the worms will peep up.

We should use Denmark as the main battle ground, and then move on to Scandinavia at large. I know too little about England to know for sure. But we could rely on Tommy Robinson for the analysis, it is his home turf.

That, and more to come.

G-d bless the disenfranchised and poor.

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