We are slowly moving ahead in the competition between nations. According to Abraham in the Thora, we are supposed to be the “light upon the nations”. What would that include in terms of meaning. There are two distinct meanings we could include in the idea. First, “light” is an Egyptian idea that, basically includes the notion of truth. So if we are to be the light upon the nations, we should be true to our values, and true to other nations values. The second implication is the notion, that we should be an example to follow. Understood in the sense, that we are casting a certain light, because the actions we do and the society that we create is so inspiring, that other nations will follow suit.

Already this is slowly initiated through the good companionship with both the Vatican state, United States of America, and the Russian state. We are the stewards of the holy land, and in this capacity, through honest and enlightened service, we put the holy land to the service of all who hold it truly dear.

Now, as democracy and nationhood expands in the world, we are entering a competition. When America polishes its feathers to lift off in another turn of dreaming, when the great Russian fighter will emerge itself in both love and light, when Persia will realize its potential as the steward of Zoroastrianism, we are in a deer and healthy competition. It is not an aggressive competition but an inward rebuilding of our own values and virtues.

This is the true meaning of “light upon the nations”, the true and serious search for the values of our faith, and the realization of it in actions. We have to do as we preach.

G-d bless Israel.

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