New danish foreign minister

There are some alarming developments seen from an Israeli point of view, in Denmark these days. There is an election going on in the junior partner of the current socialist/communist government.

The election is basically a right wing/left wing competition within the party. Until now, the right wing of the party were leading the party. This had the effect that the critical stance against Israel was toned down. Not much, but enough to safe the face of the Nation, with a little helping hand of my own design. Basically I had to ridicule the party leader not to cause trouble between Israel and Denmark. Problem is, the party is in charge of the foreign minister post. The current chairman of the party is the foreign minister of Denmark.

Now, as the election of the new chairman progresses, the left wing candidate is the most succesful. Some of her ideas are absolutely ok, she fights for state to take care of elderly, poor and unemployed. The only problem is; the most powerful ministry they posses, is the foreign ministry. So they should, rightfully, be judged upon their foreign policy. And this is where we have a bit of a problem, seen from Israel. Because her stance on the israeli, palestinian conflict is made up in the late Arafat days. That is she is supporting the “palestinian people”, and she sees Israel as a more or less neo nazi occupier of the hapless palestinians. She obviously do not really now what is going on, but she pushes on regardless of the implications of the Israel/Danish relationship that would deteriorate as a consequence of her stance.

We need to prepare for the eventuality that she will win the seat of her party, and as a consequence have the final say in Danish foreign policy.

Let me be absolutely blunt about the implications of a new pro “palestinian people” stance on the behalf of the Danish people, it would be a light aggression, bordering an act of dismissal. We should not, as the Nation of Israel accept such slur and disregard, and act accordingly. It would, potentially imply a wrapping up of diplomatic forces and a serious critical dialogue aimed at Denmark. Combined with the insult that the secret police has just hurled at the United States of America, Denmark is in a serious danger of being absolutely isolated by the Western Alliance. We have to discuss whether Denmark is at all with the West, and not actually against it.

It is a bit of a crisis, and we have to prepare for it.

G-d bless Israel.

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