America is the foremost propegator of freedom and justice. We look upon it as an ideal. When America is out of shape, it will turn the rest of the free world into a form of slavery. It all comes down to that amazing flame sprouted from the statue of liberty. Often do we wonder why she lifts it so boldly, what does it actually mean? It is a symbol of light, and traditionally that light is the light of truth. Often are we dimmed in the search of enlightenment.

I remember my great great grandfather Ernst Trier when he tried to enlighten the people of Denmark, as he wandered from shed to shed, from farmhouse to farmhouse, to tell the truth, as Grundtvig had told him to do. So did the danish democracy start, as the alliance between the academics and the people, as the academics sacrificed themselves in a reach out to the people.

This might be the medication America needs right now. Faith is low, nobody are willing to die for the great dream of America, nobody are willing to carry the light to the top of the hill, for all to see. All are clutching their few wares and belongings to themselves, as they hope, that their meagre needs are only solely carried.
It is all wrong, as any other democracy, it is a community that carries the flame in alliance. America is the least corrupt of the democracies, as the european democracies are all under the thumb of the Union. So, why not, let America be leader again, let new frontiers of faith burgeon as the community is reestablished.

All the basic means are there, all the possibilities are ripe as of today. So let us all, be a community again, strife to help not to crave. Show liberty towards each other, as we at the same time are eager to comply with the demands of common good.

So, let us have that communal dinner, and be friends. Because friends tend to carry each other when time is. And time, I suppose, is now.

Let there be light.

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