The credo of the knight

One may wonder if there are other items of inspiration that the knight of today will have to follow to be a serious knight. First of all, a knight should not base his credo on a superficial idea. The depth of knighthood can be traced all the way back to the equestrian class of the roman empire. A class known for its honesty and superiority in warfare. Knowing about the roots of Rome, we can trace its ideas back to the very beginning of western ideology. Probably the knights were inspired by greek thought; the equestrian class was not apparent in Rome in the pre greek time propagated by greeks as Polybius and others. So it is a roman/greek ideology, that may trace its roots back to Mesopotamia, as Plato, who were the superstar of greek tought, did himself.

Plato drew on many other sources; his enlightenment ideology was based on his study in the temple of Heliopolis, his natural science perhaps based on Anaxagoras, and his ideas on law was probably based on the polis ideas brought to Hellas through Phonician traders and philosophers as Heraklit and others.

But lets face it; a knight will base his ideas on justice, and justice is connected to the law. Justice is the ideological base of law. So a knight will ultimately put his heart as to where it belongs; Babylon. The semitic city where many of the principles behind law was produced and thought through, as one can see on the stele of Hammurabi, the great Babylonian king.

Here we are at a focus point a knight can focus on; justice. What is it to be just? There are different theories; the pythagoranian; that justice is a measurement in relation to the crime. Five is the center, and if you do a crime judged to be three, you are punished on a level seven punishment. But there is also the egyptian idea; that justice is divine in the sense that divine truth is justice.

But back to Plato and my own definition of justice; Plato claims that justice is the healthy, I claim that justice is the beauty of nature. It is when nature is in bloom, when children are happy, when we are able to sing with lungs full of livegiving air, that we have justice. Justice is to follow spirit in nature, not the destructive spirit, but the spirit of good.

Let there be love and light.

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