The american dream

America has its vices and its virtues, but there is no doubt, that the founding fathers made a tremendous job in creating the constitution. They created a system that they wanted to last, it did so for hundreds of years, but the system that they made is now falling apart, as all others systems based on Babylon will eventually do.

To understand what is wrong with America right now, one has to understand the flaws of the polis idea that was initiated in Mesopotamia. As Abraham understood in the very first breakdown of the first democracy, the flaw is egoism. All get so free, that no one will actually take responsability. His idea was quite revolutionary in its time; he tried to turn the flow of egoism into a system of solidarity.

So if we are to learn from the very roots of democratic initiation, we have to understand Abraham and his insistence on unselfishness and love. Translated into modern terms, it is time to stop bickering about who and what, and start sharing wealth, work for the community, not only on a governmental level, but on a communal level. Basically it is an ethical medication the people needs to stop Americas fall. People need to bridge the racial, the economic and the territorial differences, and work as one at the common goal of rebuilding America.

This however will not happen just by talking, education is the basic tool one can use to change things. New educational reforms has to be put into action. Plans that will focus on solidarity, patriotism, and a shared goal of America.

This plan will have to dig deep into the very roots of what America is. Someone has to bring back the light of truth, the energy of a new nation, the faith in a project that is much more than the parts, an synergetic idea, that is so beautiful, that it will drive America by its sheer illumination.

This project is the plan of tomorrow, and it cannot be projected as an ivory tower project, it has to be projected as a shared project between all of America, all has to be heard, every little need and problem has to be thought about. Not all can have their immidiate problems solved, but all has to feel engaged, all has to feel that they are part of the solution.

America is a dream, and not until the dream is alive again, will America function once more.

It is time to dream again, as a nation, as an individual, and that dream has to be forged in the collaboration between the people and the leadership.

Let there be light and love.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    September 2nd, 2011 at 08:25 | #1

    Hallo Asger. It is called the American dream because you have to be fast asleep to believe it. The world is on the edge of a new spiritual awakening, all the old systems will self-destruct and rightfully so. A system is like a can of beans, and is based upon what is on the inside versus what is on the outside, and the inside (The powers that be) will eventually and always get rotten. Hence, no system will ever succeed. Oneness is what is missing. “Listen oh Israelites , your God is One”. When people forgot this and started to create systems and religions, (inside v. outside) the decline followed. The only law in the near future will be harmlessness and the golden rule, which does not require any system, only compassion and Love. Unless people know “what they are”, and “why they are here”, the world will be like an illusion and destructive. And if people don’t know what they are, how can they get anything right in their life, and in other people’s lives? Many sadly believe in Darwin’s Psycho babbles that they decent from the apes, and regretfully many act as such, but that is not so. “You are Gods, ALL of you are children of the most high” (Psalms 82) All of us, every person on earth, were created to be Loving Co-creators with God, and when we are Loving Co-creators, we become One. To become One, one must relinquish all separateness and Ego. Intelligence is what created this mess, and trust me, if stupidity was physically painful; mankind would long since have been enlightened. Compassion is Conscious awareness and harmlessness and is not an intellectual thing, it is a Loving thing. People must simply stop trying to be so smart or trying to outsmart other people, and instead striving to become good and compassionate, that is how we become One, that is our only ticket to heaven, the home we originally came from. All the best to you and your family
    I am humbly
    Rene’ Descartes

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    Thanks foг finally writing аbout >

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