The task of Israel

To understand the relationship between love, democracy and law, one has to understand the starting point of the Abrahamic religions; Mesopotamia and Babylon.

Babylon was a city, a sprawling megacity of the ancient semitic world. It had towering leaders as Nebuchanezzar and Hammurabi. The fertile crescent was the very birth of mankinds knowledge, yes Egypt also provided some of the basic bricks of mankinds repository, but the control system; democracy is invented in Mesopotamia.

Now the assyrian, phoenician and jewish states had a central government based on a triangulation of power. The idea, brought to Hellas and formulated by philosophers as Polybius and Plato, was that states wanders through a circle; from kingdom to aristocray to democracy. Therefor combining all three modes of government in one was the ultimate.

If you compare this to Egypt, that was a kingdom from the beginning to the end, the principle can be discussed, but it was, according to the semitic polises the most probable idea.

The backside of the democratic coin is however corruption; moral corruption. This is quite obvious in most of the western world right now, and it is on a scale almost impossible to understand. Luckily the democratic idea had, and has an antidote, a very effective antidote; love.

Abraham lived in the democratic Babylon, and he observed all the maladies of democracy; moral corruption, the enstrangement between people. According to Kabbalah, the most original and deeply rooted philosophy connected directly to Abraham; it has to do with the enstrangment of materialism and the lack of connection to spirit. Well, what came first? The egg or the hen? As I see it, enstrangement, egoism is an effect of democracy, and as the powers should be divided between the three modes of government, democracy has to be opposed or helped by spirit. Not the controlling spiritual modes of religion, but the personal and sacrifising modes of gnosticism and kabbalism.

We need to reconnect to spirit on a personal level to counter the corruption made by democracy. The one does not work without the other. It is a matter of balance.

This is the task of Israel, to be the guiding light of the kabbalah and spiritual awakening.

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  1. Rex D’artagnen
    June 10th, 2011 at 11:01 | #1

    The Ego of some belief systems? Ego is always LOVE’S opposite. Love raises vibration and ego lowers it. Ego is a mental essence that each of us is made to endure for as long as we walk the planet. Ego is that thing that tells us in our mind, “No you can’t do that … because you’re not talented, thin, good-looking, wealthy, intelligent, young, strong, interesting or intuitive ENOUGH!” This is the voice of the Liar. The Liar is the voice of ego. Let me put it this way: wherever there is separation, condemnation, self-doubt, lack-mentality, bitterness, hostility or segregation … you can best be sure ego is not far behind. Ego wants to keep you earthbound and Heaven-less for as long as it can. It is an essence that has been sent here to learn just as you have. However, it has a duty to challenge each of us and cause us to learn as it learns for itself. There is nothing to fear about the ego. It is just a fragile, spoiled child that screams and rants until it gets what it wants. And like any child, if you ignore it during its temper flare long enough, sooner or later it will get the message that those kinds of methods are not productive and will not yield positive results. If you understand the ego, you will understand the concept of the devil. Satanic frequency is the LOW-RANGE frequency that surrounds us in our collective thinking. It is the opposite of the HIGH, INCOMPREHENSIBLE LOVING frequency of God. Please hear me out on something…be careful of the music you listen to, the movies or TV you watch, the gossip or negative speaking you participate in. All these things LOWER the Soul’s vibration. Lower vibration brings depression, disillusionment, disease and despair. The lower our Soul’s vibration falls, the more these dark things come upon us. Once you fall into LOWER vibration, immediately seek to amend it with LOVING, HIGHER VIBRATIONAL THOUGHT. It is like anything else, the more you put into something, that is what the end result will be. Our minds are led by the spirit we are entertaining, the spirit of God or the spirit of the devil – self. This spiritual force of selfishness is the false god referred to as Satan. It is the collective unconscious rebellion of humanity against God. This collective unconscious rebellion is manifested as self-centeredness, self-gratification, self-seeking, self-righteousness, self-glorification, self-consciousness, self-indulgence, self-deception, self-serving, self-condemnation, self-absorbed, self-importance, selfishness, SELF. It is the force of the un-evolved animalistic nature (the “beast”) within humans. Satan is the un-regenerated lower self that wars against the Higher Self within every human being. Through a person’s Higher Self of unconditional love – the manifestation of God – a person can attain at-one-ment with the divine nature within. This Higher Self is the Spirit of self-sacrifice, self-denial, selflessness, self-effacing, self-discipline, self-control, self-restraint, and self-respect – the divine self that is a part of God and which wars against the lower self. There is no devil. But if there is one, he would have to be an insane angel who was crazy enough to fight with God, which would be as futile as for us to try to stop the sunrise. The devil is a mythological character invented by humans and used for a scapegoat. Grown people with immature minds like to blame the devil for their misdeeds instead of acting like people and taking the blame themselves. However, there may be earthbound spirits of low vibrations, whom we may regard as devils because they annoy us through mental telepathy. These demons tune in on us through our low vibrations of hate, fear, anger and greed. They can be tuned out with unselfish love, or if necessary be chased away by a stronger spirit. There’s an old saying, The way to be rid of the devil is not to be like him. Humans are educated at a higher level by spirit beings who bring us into heaven. We grow and increase, and grow and increase, and shed the concerns, desires, and base animal stuff that we have been fighting much of our life. Earthly appetites melt away. It is no longer a struggle to fight them. We become who we truly are, which is, part of the divine. Just knowing the bad mistakes you made through your carelessness or your selfishness is a hell. You don’t need a devil prodding you with a fork. Believe me, your own anguished mind is a prod that is more hurtful than any prodding with a devil’s fork. I met a man on the other side who said that he would gladly exchange good old Dante’s Inferno for the mental anguish he was experiencing over guilt feelings from wrong actions he had taken on Earth in certain business matters. In Dante’s Inferno he would be able to complain that the devil was doing this to him, whereas now he had no devil to complain of because the devil was himself. Whether there is a negative personal being who can be called the devil I cannot say. I have not seen anyone personified as the devil. There certainly is an evil force which builds up from the negative aspects of life and has a tremendous influence. Thought forms which are evil certainly play a part, but I don’t think they are the whole answer. Hell is a psychological condition which corresponds to the suffering we experience on Earth when we allow ourselves to be driven by the blind greed of our own egos. There are no “devils” here to inflict punishments, since in the state of hell, each person acts out their own malice by tormenting others. Murderers in hell do not see a devil. Full of hatred or vengeance, he expects to find nothing after death, and for a long time that is what he finds – nothing. Then he discovers that the hell he had every reason to expect is indeed awaiting him. It is not goblins and devils that he sees, but visions of his own face distorted by hatred, greed, malice, and other defeating emotions. He cringes from the sight, realizing that he sees himself thus, that he himself was possessed like a devil, and that except for his baser nature he would have been able unaided to cast him forth. He is appalled as he realizes that he wasted a lifetime of opportunity. Not for him is enrolment in the temple of wisdom or the higher school of learning. I had a descent into what you might call Hell … I did not see Satan or evil. My descent into Hell was a descent into each person’s customized human misery, ignorance, and darkness of not-knowing. It seemed like a miserable eternity. But each of the millions of souls around me had a little star of light always available. But no one seemed to pay attention to it. They were so consumed with their own grief, trauma and misery. Numerous scriptural accounts describe angels who turned against the pure goodness and love of God, and also turn humankind toward evil by malicious intent. The master of such forces is often called Satan or the devil. There is no doubt that evil exists on Earth. Similarly, those who have communication with the spiritual world state that all is not goodness and light there as well. Since we know that we enter the spiritual world at the same level of spiritual development we have gained while on Earth, then it makes sense that those who have had much give and take with selfishness, revenge and maliciousness will continue such acts in the spirit world. There is, therefore, evil and darkness in the spirit world. The darkness may be a result of ignorance and lack of understanding. Spiritual guides will enlighten willing souls and offer growth opportunities to lead the spirit into the light and warmth of higher realms. Some accounts inform us that ignorance of the need to seek growth may keep someone in a state of darkness for a long period of time. Apart from ignorance, there are also dark forces in the spirit world created by those of vengeful and malicious desires. Such are the forces, often called demonic, which influence, obsess or possess people on Earth and which may be instigators of crime and violence, sexual abuse and aberrations, and belief in Satanism. A person of such interests on Earth will inevitably be drawn to similar companionship in the spirit world. The dwelling place of such evil could certainly be called hell. Everyone entering the spiritual world, however, should know that a God of love suffers for those in darkness, ignorance and misery. Based on desire and willingness, the spirit is given opportunity for an upward journey. If we are convinced a devil is out there to trick or deceive us, and if we have already pictured in our minds what this devil looks like and what he plans on doing, we should really not be surprised when our worst fears are confirmed. The devils we create become real and solid in the next dimension because we created them. Religion is to each individual, their own personal experience, values, beliefs and what they need to know and find from it. The existence of a heaven or a hell and one’s existence therein, in my knowledge, is not based on their belief or faith in a God or a Satan. It is based on their belief of truth, knowledge, faith, love, peace and compassion. Verbally professing to have faith in a God or a Satan or the heaven which Christians profess to exist, will not assure an eternal rest in a heaven with a God or a hell with a Satan. I know this to be my own truth from my own experience. A heavenly existence for any of us will be what we have made of our own individual earthly existences, the truths we have lived and taught and believed in our current lives, and the love, peace and compassion we have known for ourselves and those we have touched. Anything else will be what we make to be our own hellish existence.

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    June 10th, 2011 at 17:30 | #2

    Dear Rex, really an interesting comment. Yes I agree on most points, but with all respect, I disagree on the idea that G-d is vibration, seen from the Anaxagorean point of view, G-d is intelligence. Whether intelligence vibrates? Maybe? Again, seen for the Anaxagorean perspective, intelligence is everywhere, all penetrating, all knowing. The vibrating idea, is based on some egyptian theory, and is, in this tradition more connected to illumination and the centres around Ra worship in Heliopolis. That is at least what I have been able to trace.

    Then you rise the question about the structure of heaven, or how the “realm of G-d” is all designed. It is an extremely interesting question, that I have myself pondered quite a bit. What really put me off was the realization that the etruscans (the culture that kickstarted the Roman Empire) had an absolutely different understanding of the Realm of G-d. They had a map! What they tried to do was to reproduce the map of the realm of G-d on earth. That is why they planned the etruscans cities in a very specific manner (and reproduced this in their warfare and the roman camp.

    This has to be put in contrast to the jewish idea of materialism in contrast to spirit and the egyptian idea of vibration (light).

    The most probable idea is however Anaxagoras, his ideas are the most logical.

    There are however nothing wrong with combining the different ideas, and probably the answer is something in between the different ideas.

    It is a very interresting discussion, and it could potetionally give answers to some of the questions we have to ghosts, evil, love/hate, oneness and all the metaphysical ideas that we encounter 🙂

    Yours 🙂

  3. Rex D’artagnen
    June 12th, 2011 at 12:25 | #3

    So, you don’t think that God is vibration? The name of God is the formula for creation. As I studied various ancient texts, I found it amazing that there were so many different names for God. Not gods, but different names for the “one God” e.g. Elohim, Jehova and the God of Abraham, even within the same religion sometimes. Sometimes it is because of different cultures or languages, sometimes it is because of translations from one culture or language to another, sometimes it is translations within one culture, sometimes it is for control and confusion – to change the truth or meaning of God. You see, God is vibration. Ps. I just remember that perhaps I wrote this before on your blog? In that case forgive me. However it explain clearly what the real substance of what life (God) is.
    The most ancient name for the universal spirit is Yod He Vau He. But this ancient name is far more than just what another religion calls their version of the concept of God, or even a name. In fact, it was not meant to really be just a name at all. It is from before our time of human manifestation on Earth. It is the physical word equivalent of a vibrational, or thought form. It is an actual representation of the universal law that governs the primary pattern. The name itself is the key to creation, and the representation of the universal law of polarities, and the replication/reproduction of all vibration.
    And remember, everything is vibration. Contained in this one name for the one is the actual formula for creation, and the manifestation of all life within the one. Thus this name of God is probably the single most significant metaphysical concept there is.
    It is the simplest thing in the universe, just the hardest for the uninitiated and unenlightened to really understand. The name is represented by four letters of what is now called the Hebrew alphabet. They have numerical, as well as symbolic, meanings. Yod-He-Vau-He (YHVH) [allegedly pronounced Yohd-Hay-Vah-Hay]. This is one that has changed through time, translation and misinterpretation, to many variations of the original, including within several religions. Consider the similarities: Yahweh, Ya-Ho-Wah-Ho (YHWH), Ya-Ho-Wa and Je-Ho-Vah, to name a few (Jehovah and Yahweh have stuck pretty well). YHVH is also sometimes referred to as the tetragrammaton in magic and metaphysical circles. The first part, which is the positive polarity or father part of the name of God, was Yod, Note the similarity there even – Yod, God, Yod, God – not too hard to change through time and even pronunciation. Someone with a lisp or speech impediment could have started a whole new name of God to fight over. The ancient teachings say that ‘He who can pronounce this name properly opens the gates of heaven.’ This saying is vastly misunderstood. But even now, in some major religions it is forbidden to even attempt to pronounce YHVH. “Why?” In the early days of religion, certain priests or high priests in positions of power who wanted more power, didn’t want the common people to know this great key. They wanted people to need to go to the priests and turn to the religion for their understanding of God and spiritual matters. “Hey, how else are you going to make a buck and control everyone?” Exactly. This gave them great power and control, so they hid the name, changed the name, or forbade anyone other than the high holy people from using it. I later asked more about it, and was not only explained the details of the name, but taught how to chant it as a meditation. It created major changes in my consciousness. The symbolism and structure of Yod-He-Vau-He is simple, yet deeply profound. And when its few simple elements combine, they give birth to the entire complexity of life. In part, YHVH represents that perfect, simple pattern we spoke of earlier – the atom or solar system. It also speaks of human procreation, and stellar/planetary procreation. The first part, Yod, represents the positive (+), sun, light, the father principles. The first He represents the negative, not in the sense of bad or evil, but in the sense of negative polarity (-), pure darkness like that of the void of space, the receptive, the mother principles. Vau is the meeting of Yod and He, the place of interplay, intercourse, and combining of the first two principles. It is its own principle, and the place of conception of, and the birth of, the second He (again, pronounced “hay”). The second He is the offspring of Yod and He, the result of their interaction, their subsequent creation. The second He has the same attributes as its father, the Yod, in that it actually is a Yod in its own macro- or microcosmic realm.
    The second He is on a vibrational plane an octave apart. The second He begins the cycle (Yod-He-Vau-He) again, but as the Yod in microcosm or macrocosm, with its polarity reversed from its father YOD. Interestingly, the father principle, Yod, was distorted through translation over time from Yod into God, which is also often given a father principle connotation. This took me some time and deep contemplation to grasp in its entirety, as well as the great significance of it. But I eventually did. In fact, it ultimately led to a great deal of scientific research I conducted, applying the name to light, sound and music. I have included some other profound aspects, and have attempted to give you examples that may help some of you understand it better. Understanding vibration and music can make it easier. The cycle of YHVH creation continues as an infinite spiral. It can best be understood intuitively, but maybe the following illustrations will help a bit.

    (infinite HE
    vibrational VAU
    spiral) HE/YOD…….octave

    YHVH makes a spiral (similar to the DNA double helix, don’t you think? Or a vortex), with each Yod in the same place on a circle of the spiral, but just above, or just below – on its own circle. These are octaves of vibration, which can represent a micro- or macrocosm world of existence. To further help understand the way YHVH works, consider the vibrational realm of sound, and facts relating to music. A common frequency of the musical note of A, which is universally used to tune instruments, is 440 cycles per second (also called 440 hertz [hz]). But there are an infinite number of octaves of A, above and below 440hz. For instance, the next octave of A above that is exactly double, exactly 2x i.e. 880 cycles per second, whereas the octave of A below that is 220 cycles per second, exactly half, exactly divided by 2. Note that the next higher note of A is exactly double, and the next higher one exactly double etc. Vibrational doubling will go on infinitely, even after it goes beyond the realm of sound. Likewise, the next lower note of A is exactly half the frequency, etc., etc.
    A x 2 = A x 2 = A x 2 = A x 2 = A etc. (continuing infinitely)
    55hz 110hz 220hz 440hz 880hz etc. (continuing infinitely) octave octave octave octave octave
    “A” represents YOD; multiplication by 2 represents the HE and its intercourse (VAU) with the YOD; the next octave is the second HE, which is the offspring or creation of the YOD and HE’s intercourse (VAU). Below is another way of looking at it. In this example, the YOD and the first HE are of equal value (hz), and the combination or intercourse of the two (VAU) is represented by the equals sign (=). The numbers shown below the YHVHs are the cycles per second of octaves of A.
    YOD + HE = HE/YOD + HE = HE/YOD + HE = HE/YOD
    110 + 110 = 220 + 220 = 440 + 440 = 880
    (again, this continues infinitely up and infinitely down)
    Don’t be frustrated if you don’t understand it easily or even for quite a while. I didn’t. Then one day it just hit me and all fell into place. Yod-He-Vau-He represents many things in one. It comprises a numerological sequence that represents all things in the first four numbers. Einstein said we never need to count more than four to understand all things. He understood YHVH. Here are the one, two, three, four. Such as: the infinite ONE; TWO: the dichotomy, polarities positive and negative, Yin and Yang; THREE: the threefold nature of spiritual, mental and physical; the Christian Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit etc.; FOUR: the rebirth, the offspring, the cross, crucifixion and the transition to a new plane. Thus YHVH is both the formula of the primary pattern and the formula for the procreation of the primary pattern. YHVH’s most important representation is: the means of transition and manifestation of creation infinitely throughout ALL. As we have partially shown, this may be seen through studying the law as it is reflected in music. In one octave of vibration is a universe! Every octave is a duplicate of another except that it is of a higher or lower frequency. The note A is an A whether it is played in the highest octave of an instrument range, or the lowest. As the frequency of vibration increases and goes beyond the range of hearing, it eventually comes within the range of sight. But the same law that dictates the repeating notes of various octaves holds true. Colours are like the notes in the octave of vision. Each colour has a note – each colour is a note, each note is a colour. This principle allows you to find any note, in the octave of any vibrational frequency band. For instance, you can take the frequency of 440 for the note A, and keep doubling it to find the higher octaves. You can keep doubling it past the frequency band of sound, and on into the frequency band of light. You can then match your figures against the known frequencies for colours of light, and precisely determine the colour of each note. Who would have imagined you could do such a scientific thing using the oldest name of God? If one truly understands YHVH, one understands the law governing all vibration and all creation.
    I am humbly Rex 🙂

  4. Asger Trier Engberg
    June 12th, 2011 at 18:50 | #4

    Rex, it is just beautiful.

    It is difficult to understand, because it is so complicated, but the complexity of it is basically just amazing.

    I do respect it, I never write the whole name of G-d, and I know the roots of the theory, most probably the egyptian temples of Heliopolis.

    The theory is basis for the illumniation ideas, enlightentment and so on, and also connected to mathematics, pythagoranism, humanism.

    I know that Einstein did a lot of research on the issues, and I have myself traced his ideas about light.

    That is the research I have made. Most of it is through reading hermetic texts and hellenic philosophy. Actually Plato was the one who put me on the path.

    I also do believe that the name of a thing is very much defining of it, that goes for us humans as well.

    Perhaps the egyptians did a lot of combining the name of G-d with musical theory and mathematics? It would be very much like them, they were very sharp and secreted about their things.

    The problem is however how to see the Anaxagorean idea; G-d is intelligence with the idea that G-d is vibration. Does the intelligence vibrate? Is G-d light? (Because light vibrates as Einstein says)

    Thank you for your ideas, is there perhaps some possible sources to your insight, it could be very interesting to read them, just for my own curiosity 🙂

    Yours 🙂

  5. Rex D’artagnen
    June 13th, 2011 at 09:25 | #5

    We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. God is truth, in other words God is the Universal Consciousness. As you attempt to express the Godly truth and live by it, the more you become Universal Consciousness yourself. God is also Love. As you attempt to express Love for God and ALL of God’s creation, you become Loving yourself. God is also Life, unfortunately the ‘life’ concept has never been investigated, like what is life-force? What is it that leaves when the body die and become decomposing meat? Contrary to what most people understand, the opposite of dead is not life, but birth, dead is only a transition in life, but Life is eternal and has no opposite, just like God. And as you live life to the fullest with truth and love and try to achieve your life’s purpose you become more Godlike, We are ALL children of the most high, we are Godlings, carbon copies, Gods in the making. We were created to be equal companions to God and loving co-creators, not inferiors in any way, just like we hope for our own children. We are on the way up Jacobs ladder to prove our worth. This is the source (God) I draw on insight from. But sadly, most people still draw their insight from the many different religions and philosophies around the world, I know, I did myself to begin with, but you cannot get ahead by looking in the rear mirror, The Religions has failed for thousands of years, who have they ever perfected? Lots wife looked backward and turned into a pillar of salt. Look ahead to where you have to go, not where you have been. Some Religions served a purpose previously, by teaching all the savages about the few God principles the religions were in possession of, to lift them to the spiritual level the religions were on, but unfortunately they imprisoned the people on that level. Religions has become stumbling blocks rather than stepping stones. There are no traditions, symbols, funny hats, strange hand signs, candle sticks holder etc. that can help you achieve enlightenment, only the truth (The Universal Consciousness) can, and you have to be specific in what truth you request, because there is plenty of useless truth out there which keep you retarded spiritually. This Life is the last chance to reach some kind of perfection, simply because the chances for your Souls re-incarnation will be greatly diminished in the near future. Therefor the truths about love and life (God) are real important.
    A few anecdotes: The Earth is the only place where God can determine if you want to go to heaven or hell. People don’t go to heaven because of their good deeds, or because they believe this or that religion, but because they fit in and belong. It’s what your love are that counts. Doctrine, creed and race mean nothing in heaven. No matter what we believed we were all God’s children. The only rule is to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. The most difficult thing for a person who has been deeply steeped in a particular religious tradition is to realize that the form alone is not what elevates a person; it is the heart. Still, those who cling to an external form of religion will be most comfortable with others who practice the same rituals, whatever they may be. It is said that the Golden Rule is the governing principle in the spirit world: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. People who truly practice the religion of love will find themselves in a universal sphere where everyone understands that true religion is to love others as ourselves. The purpose of religion is not so much to get us into heaven, or to keep us out of hell, but to put a little bit of heaven into us, and take the hell out of us. In heaven there is no way to get ahead of others. This is because there is no place in heaven for discontent or personal ambition. Although our goal is to go to heaven, our greatest goal is to bring heaven to Earth. The closer one gets to God, the closer one comes to all the light, love and knowledge in the universe. The Master-Vibrational energy of God controls the universe and seems to regulate everything except the intellectual ignorance within the minds of people on Earth. God has promised not to intervene in our lives UNLESS WE ASK. It is God’s love for us that sends us on our journey into the earth, and it is our love for God that allows us to return to God’s loving arms again. Your beliefs shape the kind of feedback you get from God. God does not care about theology. God cares mostly about your heart. Love never hurts. Only the absence of love hurts. The absolutely only thing that matters is love. Everything else, our achievements, degrees, the money we made, how many mink coats we had, is totally irrelevant. It will also be understood that what we do is not important. The only thing that matters is how we do what we do. And the only thing that matters is that we do what we do with love. People are led astray through self-centeredness, self-gratification, self-righteousness, self-glorification, self-condemnation, self-interest, and self-consciousness. The greatest enemy we will ever face is self – the false god. I asked, “How do I know right from wrong?” He replied, “Right is helping and being kind. Wrong is not only hurting someone but not helping when you can.”
    They taught us that doctrine and creed and race meant nothing. No matter what we believed we were all children joined under one God, and that the only rule was God’s true law – do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is love, not religion, which creates spiritual growth. Where religion teaches love, there is growth. Where religion impedes love through rituals, symbols and useless traditions, there is stagnation. What counts is what comes from the heart, not what one professes to believe. The most difficult thing for a person who has been deeply steeped in a particular religious tradition is to realize that the form alone is not what elevates a person; it is the heart. In the spiritual universe, sin is not seen in the same way as it is here. In the spirit world, all things are learning experiences. We are here in this world to make mistakes, to learn and grow from them. If we make a mistake, we should fully recognize it as a mistake, then put it behind us and simply try not to make the same mistake again. The important thing is to try our best, keep our standards of goodness and truth, and not compromise them to win people’s approval. God loves us just the way we are, mistakes and all. We should learn from our mistakes. God wants us to do what we want to do. That means making choices – and there isn’t necessarily any right choice. There are a spectrum of possibilities, and we should make the best choice from those possibilities. If we do that, we will receive help from the Other Side.

    I am 
    Rex (Re-cogito ergo sum)

  6. Asger Trier Engberg
    June 14th, 2011 at 16:35 | #6

    Dear Rex 🙂

    As always, this must have been a long walk for you to reach this understanding, and thank you for sharing it.

    Often I wonder how you actually reached the place where you are now, must have been bit of a hike.

    The difficult part, as I see it, is to combine the different things. Question is; how do light, nature, truth, goodness, love combine?

  7. Rex D’artagnen
    June 14th, 2011 at 17:24 | #7

    My dear friend Asger. I am of no importance, don’t think much about me, I am a Soul created in Gods image, and not a primate, that is why I prefear to use my previous names to remain unknown. The Information (Insight) is what is important and is from the Universal Consciousness. I dared ask the nasty questions to find the truth, and it truly jerked my chain, just like you are beginning to feel, I just asked differant questions. And to answer your questions……All has to do with principles, if you want to be a good person you have to have good principles, and God can best be comprehended as a multitude of good principles. Light always indicate the principle of enlightenment. Truth always indicate the principle of Universal Conscious insight. Goodness is a principle for Gods beautiful ways. Love is the principle Glue of the universe. Our beautiful Nature indicate our creative principal.
    Lots of kindness to you and your family. Keep questioning and searching.
    I am humbly, just here to please.
    Rex. 🙂

  8. Asger Trier Engberg
    June 14th, 2011 at 23:21 | #8


  9. Rene’ Descartes
    August 16th, 2011 at 06:28 | #9

    When I began my research into Kabbalah I was amazed to find an enormous amount of material that matched the ancient and classical wisdom, that also was found in Kabbalism. Specifically, I was impressed with what the research could add to the Kabbalah teachings about the 10 Emanations of God and the Tree of Life, the 4 planes of existence, the 7 heavens, and the 5 divisions of our whole being. Additionally, research had much to add to the magic, incantations, and talismans of the classical Kabbalah. But where it was most helpful was with the Kabbalists’ teachings about making passage through dimensions of consciousness into the semi- to full-consciousness of our Creator – as ineffable as God’s infinite presence may be to us in this finite reality. Here the help was so valuable. It added to the technique and to the signposts along the way, helping me to grasp the various levels as I made the passage and compared my experiences with those of the Kabbalists. How does a working knowledge of the Kabbalah help the spiritual progress of someone not of the Jewish faith? It is like having a map of the heavens and the metaphysical parts of your body and mind, and instructions on how to use them. With the addition of the explanations and details, one becomes more of a celestial being temporarily incarnating terrestrially than the other way around. Fortunately, the Kabbalah keep your feet firmly planted in this life and reality, while giving you a delicious taste of the realms of your soul and higher mind. Why was the most secret knowledge of the Kabbalah kept secret in the first place? And why is it safe to disseminate that knowledge today? Initially, it was kept secret because using the same information and techniques one could make a Godling or a Frankenstein and some did – it all depended on having the right heart, the right purposes. Until the teachers were sure of the adept’s heart and purposes, it was best to keep the wisdom secret. Now, we have entered an era when all things secret are to be revealed (Or as was said “shouted from the rooftops”). Why? Because we are gradually entering a new era of enlightenment and soul growth. Humanity is moving from the third-dimensional perception to the fourth. As we find in the Revelation, during this period “Satan (Ego) will be bound, and those incarnating will be able to make unusual strides forward in their mind expansion and soulful awakening.”
    The key change will be the dropping of that which separates our awareness from the whole Truth. As the script says, “Then we will see clearly”, and “Nothing will be hidden”. You see – When mankind knows better, they do better. Hence Evil is simply stupid ignorant actions contrary to the laws of the Universe or God. And it always extract a price, let’s call it Karma. Our consciousness will expand and the veil between the physical consciousness and the higher consciousness is gradually being removed for us to see and understand things clearly. The transition will be difficult for many, like a woman giving birth to new life, we must dilate our mind and hearts to give birth to our true selves, the celestial part of our whole being. There is pain in this effort, but once completed all the tears will be wiped away for the joy of being more of who we really are. All the prophecies point to this passage and what is required of us to make the passage. Then, as the Revelation states, there will be a thousand years of joyful enlightenment and freedom from evil, temptation, and suffering. The best way to prepare is to begin the venture inward, for the Kingdom of Heaven is within us, through dimensions of consciousness, through levels of higher or heavenly awareness, all beyond the veil that handicaps us so today.
    I am Rene’

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