Break down the corrupt towers of media

The mass media is the modern version of an evil tyrant. It works its evil ways in a simple equation, that will hold it unaccountable for its corrupt deeds, and yet present it as shining beacon of truth. It is non of the above, it is a simple means of corruption and oppression, and all who hold democracy dear should embatter it, should fight it, should stand on that last impregnable barricade called truth and light.

We are warriors of light, and we fight to spread the truth onto shores far away, we grasp, with stubborn and yet feeble hands that torch of light. The good news are; we are in the game again, because the media have changed, and it gives us the possibility to regroup, to rearrange our ressources, to put forth new fighters in the foray.

This is an idea as to how to break that corrupt tower of control called biased mass media.

How does it work?

It works by excluding some and including some other. Evil persons of no real intelligence are put forth as “enlighteners”, persons as Naser Khader. Khader is a nice person, but how on earth did anyone believe him to anything than a puppet of the mass media?

And it works by excluding others, persons as Lars Løkke Rasmussen. Why do the media not propagate his feats? Why have we heard nothing of all his courageous deeds? Because he is excluded by the mass media. He is not supposed to win anything, he is supposed to loose. And the mass media does the deed by excluding.

Well, there is one person who can actually fight the dripping corruption of the media; Lars Løkke Rasmussen himself. He can do it by making his own online media. By building his own blogs, Facebook commentaries, Twits, and most important of all; Youtube videos. It is simple; by giving the citizen an open invitation to blog with him, to discuss with him, to open up a relationsship, he can dismount the power of mass media.

And the corruption of the mass media can actually give Løkke a way to drip small drops of acid into their foul inflated idoms. By bying links from the massmedia to his own empire of truth, he can use them as means of their own destruction.

Let there be light and love!

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