Election reflections

To put forth a prophesy is a folly, nobody can know what the future will tell. Only intelligence might show a way for a little premonition. I hope that the conservative/liberal/socialist-nationalist government we have today will continue. Do not misunderstand, I like and respect the Socialist Folkeparty, especially Mr. Ole Sohn who, as former chairman of the communist party have had the chance to reform, and does a islamic critique I like and is in line with the enlightening principles of Glasnost.

I however dislike Ms. Helle Thorning Schmidt, the chairman of Socialist Democratic party. She is not suited for the job as primeminister, becuase she simply does not have the skills to do the job. According to Henrik Dahl, a very skilled theoretician who has worked together with her, she does not have the analytical and creative skills needed as a prime minister.

In the next years one thing is almost for certain; change will come. What we think is normal today will be strange and old fashioned tomorrow, that is as the world ticks around.

In this volatile situation, an unskilled primeminister will be a catastrophe for the country, and we need to change the course of events so that she does end up entagled in power  without the skills to use it in any serious way.

Therefor I support Lars Løkke, the current prime minister, because he is simply the better man for the job.

Ideologically he is also on a much sounder ground. The grundvigian democratic traditions that is the basic core of the party is a broader and more elegant system than marxism. Grundtvig managed to combine spiritual, historical and political ideas into a supple method that will and must bring Denmark into the near future all in one piece.

Basically the primary objective Lars Løkke needs to accomplish, is to breach the media wall. The media have changed dramatically the last four to five years. Løkkes predecessor Anders Fogh managed to control the media by making progress extremly controlled, and by informing the media on a weekly basis. The media did not have anything to critisize Fogh for, because he had too much control, and did not do any mistakes. Consequently he could control the media.

This changed with the internet. All of a sudden a plethora of contributors could make their say. All the bloggers had an angle on the media that the media liked, so in the beginning of internet based media, the bloggers did the defining.

Since then things have changed. The newspapers have their own blogs, and political bloggers are more or less banned form mass media. It is simply a powergame, where massmedia tries, with some unsound methods to control the political situation. Unfortunately it also creates a mediascenario with no real interesting discussion, because all the talent in the internetsphere is escluded, and in the control effort no real energy is left to innovative new journalism. It is a petty.

It is however a world where Løkke has to place his bet, and try to make some progress.

Looking at the competition between Thorning Schmidt and Løkke, Løkke far outweighs Thorning Schmidt. Løkke is not perfect, but he has courage, and he basically an honest person with his own ideas. So in face to face combat, Løkke always wins the day, because he is personally much more fit to rule than Thorning Schmidt.

The personal character of Løkke is simply superb.

The character of Løkke will emerge and give a serious impression, we hope, in the actual fight before the election, but he has the possibility, with the new media to use his personality now, and score some points from now on till election day.

The way new media works is through interconnectivity. I write something on my blog, that i connect with my Facebook profile, my Twittter account, and, if I have the ressources, through ads on Google, in the newspapers, and where it is economically viable.

To make a mediaprecense on the net, you need to see it as a web you are building on many different platforms. The job is to reach, with your own words, and your own, personal, honest and courageus fight, the heart of the people. Convince them, talk to them, reach them, make them believe that you are a special character they can trust.

The trust is however a very dear coin to earn, because the internet is absolutely transperent. No lying, no cheap tricks, only truth will work, and that is very difficult.

They say, that journalists love a good story, consequently a politician needs to think in stories the journalists like to promote. A good story could be an attack on Thorning Schmidt on ethical grounds, on a blog. Or, expose the hypocracy in the obvious that many socialists like to critisize Israel, jews and fight against racism at the same time. The trick is to find a good story, that everybody will love to hear about, something with drama.

Doing a webbased preelection with all the means of stories, interviews, provocative ideas and so on, will however presuppose a good strategy, with clear phasebased projecting and plannning. It is a war we are fighting, and we need to win the initiative. We need to make progress, not in the daily work in the parliament, but in the public contest between the socialist bloque and the rest.

Think as a general, plan, make countermoves, try to envision the moves of the opponent in the mediasphere.

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