The way of the sailor

To sail around the globe as an unwanted passanger aboard a boat without any guiding star, is to be lost. So are we in the West, lost without any stars to guide us anymore. Who are we? What are we supposed to do? What is it to be a dane, a jew, an englishman?

Well the good thing about being in loss of identity is the possibility to grow something new, something that might draw on old traditions and yet be better for the future.

What are we?

As danes and englishmen we have always been sailors. Since the time of Harald Blåtand and Knud den store (Canute) we have prowled the mighty seas of the world, from Skagerak to the Red sea, from around Cape Horn to Valparaiso. As sailors have we learned the lesson of the sea. We have felt the wrath of the storm, the bliss of the morning sun setting upon our tried brows. Upon those lessons have we learned the wisdom of today. We know that we have to work together to set sail and reach port. We know we have to be stoic and honest as captains of each our boat. The lesson of sea so uncompromising have shown us a way to live with our peers in respect.
The nations are falling apart. To be a dane today, to be an englishman or perhaps a jew, is not a thing of pride for many. Many see themselves as diogenetian cosmopolitans. That may be good or bad, but it often releases the ties we have to our identity so important for our wellbeing.

We need to reconnect to the values we have lost so many of us.

The path to refind ourselves is upon sea. In the face of the fierce wind, at the bottom of a wave, we have the possibility to understand what it is to be a small being in the middle of G-ds creation.

There is however one fading star, a star that did carry the nation of Denmark for so very long, the captain have stayed on the bridge, being honest to the ideals he did learn in his fathers home. That star is one of the last guiding star of the sound nation.

Somehow I hope that the faithfullness and the sacrifice will carry on to a nation reborn.

The thing is, stars are allways there to guide, one star might fade, but new stars will emerge, to captain the lost boats to its final destination.

May stars always be, to guide us to the port we so desperately need, to find shelter in a world falling apart upon our ears, I hope it will happen.

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