To rearm G-d with systems and methods to grow and realize his providence here on earth, we need knowledge. The more we know about G-d, the better we are at realizing his work.

This calls on repentance and humility, we cannot take or steal from other, but we can give and support those who needs us.

In the Middle East we have, according to T.E. Lawrence the fighters of the desert. The blinding heat and the searing, blistering sun has given hardness and clarity to those who wander out of the desert. This ethical clarity calls for poetry. The waning of the sun over the desert mountains, the shimmering of spirit over the heat of the dust. This calls for strength in wisdom and power in serving G-d.

In the Christian or Roman world we have worked, for a long time on Platonic philosophy, then on Aristotelian philosophy.

My aim has been to surpass this and head back to Animaxander, the teacher of Plato, because, for one thing it is on a higher level than Plato, with all respect. But there is another thing, that might interest the Sunni Arabs, it is poetic in its very nature. It is a system built to realign the heavenly order with the material order.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to get the paper passed the peer review yet, but perhaps this was a line of thought that could elevate the Saudies.

If Saudiarabia wants to compete with the rest of the world, it needs a system that will boost its philosophical level. This would definitely boost is, and it would be poetic.

If you wish to boost this understanding, you need to invite me over to give you the basics, but from there on, you can use it to elevate your understanding of G-d and what he might want us to do here on earth.

G-d bless the peace we will find, by being one with G-d.

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