UK clamp down on islamists

There are a lot of things going on in the UK right now, especially the clamp down on islamists and other radical Muslims is under way. I wholeheartedly support it, we need to be realistic about the destructive potential of these ideas, and in order to keep at sound and healthy society, we need to be sharp on our democratic values and system.

We cannot tolerate IS to work out of Europe and be supported and protected by democratic rights they obviously do not like. It is like feeding the crocodile with its own tail. The more we support them, the more we are eaten up.

But, I also do believe, that we should have a positive aim. If we are too sucked up by all the glorious singing that leads to rape and mass murder, we end up as them. We should, by all means, stay on our own values in this regard. We do not fight jihadis jihadi style, we do it to keep our freedom, and we do it on our own premises and with our own methods.


These days there is a lot of discussion in Denmark concerning a meeting on the beautiful island of Bornholm. Some parts of the islamic critical political environment wants to make the meeting about the discussion of Islam in the Danish society, while the idea was to make a cosy political festival where you could relax and talk to people of all colour. This has brought a lot of finger pointing and conflict.

This is a sharp contrast to the reaction we had a few months ago, when some of my friends were attacked. We are heroes, they are still just not accepted.

This is because, from time to time there has been a racist agenda and a very negative agenda from these other islamcritics. It just does not work, we need to be clear on our methods and aims to cut this cake. There should be no racial motives or things like that. But a true and purposeful defence of our beloved democracy.

G-d bless the will to be sincere and honest in the face of corruption.

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