Middle East

The Middle East with all its domes and centers of religion is in turmoil, it always has been in turmoil. But with Israel thrown in the mix, the turmoil has, on one hand increased, and on the other other hand decreased.

Israel is truly a vehicle for peace, but at the other hand it also, by being not neutral a motor of conflict.

I realize, that my stance; the neutral stance, is not really working these days. I wish it was otherwise. But at the other hand, it still is a potential bridge to overcome the differences.

I am the Messiah in a Middle East context, that is a prophesiezed hero to turn the different ideas into one.

This is not something I have wished for, but something that is in the cards. You can fight me, but you will always lose, because in a religious heartland, people will always, in the end, go with G-d.

G-d bless you all, and may you all see what G-d really wants, not just your own motives and self-interest, but G-ds interest, that is love.

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