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They call me a warmonger, they call me a thief, they call me a spook and a liar. But there is one thing that is clear, deep down under all those layers of insecurity, of ”getting out of the hood”, of trying to reach those aims noone else claim or even dream about, there is a good heart. A good, sincere, honest heart, that is all mine. It is not from my parents, they were both idiosyncratic or politcal correct. It is not from my upbringing, that was 99% pain, and one percent good reads. It is my heart, deep under all the sorrow and the loss and the sacrifice, I have that, which, at the end, qualifies me to bring the world onto a better place, just a sound, well meaning heart, that will try its very best to propel our destiny to a brighter and more positive place.

You know, in a world that is falling apart, you have to be able to step aside, and truly look at the world from a more neutral perspective.

I know, that my dreams of a better world is hanging in a thin thread, that got a lot thicker with mr. Camerons win in the UK, but still the thread can be cut anytime.

But, whilst we look into the darkness of our future, and search for that little piece of luck or that smallish way out, we should always remember, that deep down in the fine layers of our soul that borders the almighty, there is a thread of good in all of us.

That is what brings hope. In each and every man or woman, child and elderly. In the flowers and the butterfly, there is good.

This is why we are here, to realize that token of hope.

We can do that, if we try, and the almighty always gave both signs and methods for us to reach him. So we should not despair or give up, because he is there, and he will guide us onto our path. It is written in the stars they say, and I believe, with all of my pained heart, that he wrote a little path for you, for me, for your sister and brother, for the disabled and the rich, for the fallen and for the upright. He wrote a little script we could read. Therefor, there is hope for all of us. I also believe, that miracles are not just a theory, it will happen, if we believe. If we believe with all of that part of our hearts that is close to G-d, and is good.

Go down on our tired knees, and pray. Because, someone will answer, if we just have enough faith.

G-d bless all those lonely wanderers, who are in need of a guide, not a mortal guide, but a guide, made out of spirit.

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