Anaxagoras and Abraham

We need to work, in practice with the new all compassing theological framework behind the unification of the three monotheistic religions. In this work, I propose a simple act; go back to the beginning of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Here you find a noble citizen of Ur and Babylon; Abraham. 

According to my sources within Kabbalism, that has the maximum knowledge of the genesis of the three religions, Abraham was a metaphysician. Today we know him primarily as an ethical figure, and the person that made the covenant. But there is more behind this first veil. If you google Abraham and checks out his metaphysical stance, you realize, that he was a deep thinker, and there was a cosmology behind the first ideas of monotheism. 

So as Abraham, we need to find a metaphysical and cosmological understanding that is as advanced as possible. With this, we can also compete with physics, that currently hold the torch in relation to understanding of the reality we are in. We need to tackle Hawkins, Niels Borh and Einstein. With respect of cause. 

This is why I have tried to realize the epitome of metaphysics, that is the Anaxagorean cosmology. He is the best we have, and he is, currently, the most advanced state of metaphysics man has reached. After that, it did not evolve much. 

I have tried to convince Oxford to help me in this regard, and they will, hopefully, but we need to expand this first step and evolve in all three religions. Abraham was the first, we need to expand this understanding. 

G-d bless the will of G-d. 

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