The Middle East

The Middle East is a source of conflict, because it has always been like that. Be it Christian, Assyrian, Coptic, Sunni, Shia, Zoroastrian, Jewish or any other of the hundreds of ideologies filling the Middle East .

I do not decide who will do what, I can only advice. But the advice should be based on ideas from the Middle East to work there. That is simple.

In terms of peace ideas, these are ideas that are in the Middle East understanding, because people see what war brings of misfortune.

Many local powers have shed the dependence on the West and are trying to work on their own. This is good, because most of the West has no idea about how the Middle East thinks and works. We just are elephants in the boutique of glass. Destroying things as we meddle.

But, at the other hand, if, by some chance, there are people in the West who actually do understand, as it rarely happens, the marriage of Western and Eastern philosophy can bring prosperity. As it is truly doing in Saudiarabia and Egypt these days. And as it will do, if all hands come down in the table in Persia.

Look at Egypt, how she prospers by using her ancient ideas in connecting with a European style constitution. It works.

So, ancient beautiful ideas all of a sudden are revitalized, kept in secret books for thousands and thousands of years, to reemerge! In modern times.

May you all prosper and be rich and honorable again.

G-d bless you all.

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