If we take a step back, and look at the ideological content of the UK election, it seems to me, that things are running together, and if we are lucky, we might just experience a certain synergy between the different parts of the Anglican society.

First of all, what really came through, and basically was the crux of the matter was the economy. There has been a lot of talk about austerity, and how the money saved by austerity helped the economy. Well, it does not work that way. The way it works is by building up production capability. This is how a country makes money.

China has done it by copying our production methods, philosophy, systems and so on. It has made them rich. It is like an architect and a carpenter building a house. The better you are a building the house, the better it becomes. If you are very good a building that house, you can sell it, and other houses, and you get rich.

So, we are very good at building things here in the West, all it really took, was a motivation for our production men and women to make things here in the West, or rather in the UK. You do that by respecting and honoring those who build. If you, like in many socialist theories, hate and ridicule the people who build things, they will find somewhere else to build things. But if you truly respect what they do, and shower them with praise and honor. They will build where you are, it is also called patriotism.

Now, patriotism goes hand in hand with another part of society that needs a bit of help. The church.

Here again, we have a huge backlash of demotivation and lack of self-esteem. The socialist ethos has all but wiped out the church of England. So we need to turn that around 180 degrees. How do we do that? We do it by kindling the faith. By actually giving the church something to believe in, to rectify metaphysics.

This process has been going on for a while in the personation of his excellency archbishop Welby, who is a former businessman, and a radical. So you see, the production people, who were scared and saddened by the lack of honor they got from the state and people, and the church actually do have something in common; the need support to make the society grow and prosper.

This realization has been long under way, but it truly materialized in this election.

There are a lot of things we need to do in the coming five years, but let us not abuse the position we have, let us be positive and benevolent. Let us not just use it to destroy what the socialists have left, but use it to build things. Make new houses, create a better UK, not only with money. But also with new ideas and creative work.

Patriotism has a bad name. But to me it does not make much sense. I mean, patriotism or the belief in a national state is as old as man. It comes from the fertile crescent, we have cities like Eden, Ur and Babylon there. In the classic greek time we had Athens, Sparta, and in modern time the theory that was invented at the same place that gave us agriculture and writing, has been expanded to include greater areas.

How can writing be a source of conflict, so to say, it does not. Man is a source of conflict, because there is a shadow within as Jung calls it. And it is if we do not realize this, and search for peace, we will have war. The clothing is not important, the intent is.

G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it survive and prosper.

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