The fight for life

The coming conflict between life and death, creativity and stillness is approaching with immense steps, unrecognized by the citizen of normal nation, but recognized by the elite of intellectuals leading the fight here and there around the globe.

Let me be clear about my basic view of things. My entire work, focus and drive has, from the beginning been to prove the existence of G-d. This may sound prepostorous, and let me be honest, I do not know whether this project will be fulfilled or not, but I know that I have come some way down the lane.

In this fight I have detoured many ways, and have been a very active player in the way of things. Among other things I have defined is the fight between democracy and Islam. But this is just, I am sorry to say, minor intellectual feats. It is pretty obvious if you read about Islam and know your Plato, Aristotle, and history in general. The true test, however, lies in the ability to turn the western world away from its selfdestruction. This selfdestruction is mainly caused by a superficiality in faith. The lack of faith in spirituality drives us into the arms of materialism. It is all sex, drugs and rock’n roll.

Now, there is nothing wrong with our nature, if we understand the shadow. The cruelty of nature. The cruelty of nature is just there, and it is an unwise, greedy child that has to be understood and cared for within limits. If we scorn our nature, we will loose the connection to the very basis of our existence.

But many socialists will be frighthened by my insistence on spirituality, especially the iranians who have had the bad luck of being in the clutches of the vile and immovable mullahs of the iranian republic of islam. I understand that, but this does not conclude the discussion. Because the problem with Islam is, that it is not, in its roots, spiritual. The Koran does not argue for peace, life and love. It argues for death and destruction, for lamentation and evil.

This is the problem of Islam. It is a wolf in sheeps clothing. It parades itself as a religion, but how can it be a religion if it does not understand G-d? G-d is life, intelligence and creation. It is not death and destruction.

Now, I belive that all the mechanisms of society at large, should be focused on this process of G-d. I believe it to be so, because, as I have concluded through my studies of most ancient societies, most of them put spirituality at the very core of society. That is the reason they worked. The focus on justice, freedom and solidarity was because they believed these virtues to be means to reach the fullfilment of life, happiness and creation.

What is wrong with fighting for life? I cannot see anything wrong with it, if it is wrong, well then nothing makes sense anymore. The fighters of light are here to bring joy and happiness, we will continue that untill we cannot anymore, because this the only seriuos aim life can have.

I hope this explains my attitude towards spirituality. To me it is a fight for life.

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