The coming and the end

To be able to define G-d is a matter og faith, some say, I say not. To define G-d is a theoretical nigthmare and an intellectual Marathon that only the most devout disciple of the temples of Heliopolis are able to fulfill. I think I have come to a crossroads, this flight is heaped with transgressions, misleadings, a fight against the curtain that is put between us and the roots of our civilisation.

The formula is simple. We know of two basic ideas that make up the theory of G-d; intelligence and creation. We believe that G-d is all intelligence in the cosmos, and we believe that this intelligence is the prerequisite of creation. Creation is done by using intelligence. Now how can we prove this point. Well, as C.G. Jung explains, based on a thorough study of hermetism and alchemy, we have to disperce of the idea, that the brain is the container of intelligence, because there are many animals who have intelligence but no brain. Where does the intelligence come from; simple, it is G-d. Where else could anything as immaterial come from. Or you could say, that the intelligence is what we call G-d.

Now what does this hold of consequences of the humble human being. First of all, it gives us, as the priests of Ra tells us, through hermetica; it gives us the responsability over all living. We, human beings, are the only species on earth that have nature in our power. Therefor if we decide to ruin it all, it will be ruined.

Here we come to apocalyptic conflict of our time; on one hand there are powers of immense destruction boiling up there meagre but destructive brew. On the other hand there are fighters of light and love, trying, in vain to counter the coming destruction.

On one side the protectors of nature, namely jews, budhist and christians, on the other side blasphemers of nature, mostly muslims.

This is the fight we are facing. On one hand those who try to protect the creation of G-d, on the other hand, those who seek to destroy, through the use of atomic bombs, bacterial weaponry and gasfumes.

It is the final clash of good and evil, of light and darkness, of life and death. It is waiting for us, as it will unfold in its brutality and beauty.

We are here to witness that choosing, let us hope the bright side wins.

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  1. Rene’ Descartes
    December 5th, 2010 at 08:28 | #1

    My dear friend Asger, It has been nice to journey with you on the ocean of inquiry and enlightenment, like two ships passing in the night. However, the “Powers that think they be” have send many of my brothers to other dimensions lately, and now I am in their cross hairs as well. So with this final script, I bit you farewell.
    This is a beautiful descriptive record of our true beginning.
    We will follow an entity called Leila from her beginning up until today to help you understand your origin and the full implications of what you really are. And our true purpose for being.
    Leila’s Soul was first conceived in the Mind of God, as were each of us. She was among numerous lights that appeared in the dark, when the “morning stars sang together in the heavens.” It was the first dawn and she found herself awake and filled with wonder. In this early morning light her virgin consciousness would have been so near to the infinite, omnipotent mind of her Creator that the two were as one. Throughout this wondrous Presence were countless others like herself, yet each with a slightly different point-of-being in the Whole.
    What “creatures” these would have been; like no other. They possessed the ultimate combination of consciousness and freedom. And within them were the innate urges of their Creator’s desire for loving companionship and creativity, two celestially primal drives that would remain a driving force forever.
    The angels must have looked upon these cosmic-toddlers with justifiable apprehension. Like celestial children they would have to learn to handle and value the treasures of this angelic home with care, but until they did learn what would the heavens be like? Chaos was a very real potential! It must have quickly become apparent to the angels that their home would never be the same again.
    Flush with life, their minds ablaze with wonder and imbued with the essence of their Creator, these fledgling gods began to move, to touch, to seek out and look through the seemingly endless fathoms of the Cosmos. As a child would explore everything she found before her, Leila and the others peered into the many and varied (Di)-mansions of their Father’s house. Wonders upon wonders were to be found everywhere their young minds turned.
    As with so many of us, Leila’s wonder brought her into the environs of our present solar system. When she fully arrived here the Earth was still cooling and life was just beginning to stir in its waters and gases. This first appearance was not an incarnation of Leila’s for there were no Earthly bodies to inhabit as we know them today. In this dawn of Earth’s life she was more like a spirit in the breeze, a voice in the wind as it swept across the steaming waters – a voice foretelling of the coming of man.
    But Earth was not the only planet she visited, neither was the third-dimension her primary level of consciousness. All the planets in this star system provided her with unique perspectives and opportunities in her young life. The entire universe with all its dimensions was hers to enjoy. By doing so, she would grow in understanding and come to be a true and loving companion to the One who created her.
    Leila’s Soul was not alone. In this childhood of the Sons and Daughters of God, she was among countless Souls that turned their attention on this little part of the universe.
    At this point in her celestial life, Leila was not a female spirit. Like all companions, she possessed both male and female sexual forces. Her nature of “form” could best be described as a consciousness which could, in moments, be very defined and unique, focusing-in on the minutest parts of manifested life, and at other moments could expand into the Universal Consciousness and perceive the Whole of Life. She was a microcosm of the Whole, a miniature of her Creator, a “chip off the old block.” If we approached her, we would see how life was being expressed, perceived and experienced by this one point in the Whole.
    This was Leila in the heavens, long before she made a home in the Earth plane.
    On one of her early visits to Earth, she and the group of Souls with whom she was traveling saw a strangely different quality in many of the souls who had been sojourning near the environs of Earth. They appeared to be changing: they were more dense and heavy; their consciousness seemed narrower, less Universal.
    As she and her companions studied this phenomenon they realized that the other Souls were gradually moving so deeply into the Earth’s dimension that they were separating from the rest of life, taking on the material shapes and dimensions of this new world. This was causing them to lose awareness of the other dimensions and the higher, finer aspects of their own being. They were no longer just visiting this world; they were actually beginning to look like the animals indigenous to Earth – they had feathers, scales, horns and other appendages. They were totally new creatures – terrestrial and heavy, and communication with them became increasingly difficult.
    To her amazement, and sadly, they had developed a hierarchy among themselves, setting some Souls above others, something that was totally alien to the heavenly spheres where they were all children of the same family and parentage; equals.
    Perhaps the most astonishing change was that the Souls who were now leading these terrestrial groups were expounding a belief that there was no central, Universal Consciousness to whom they could remain attuned. In fact, their source of life was not a celestial Creator of love and joy, but simply the impersonal force of organic, material life. Each Soul was encouraged to take what it wanted from life with little regard for others and no regard for the Whole of life. Successful survivors deserved to live better and off the labor of the others because it would improve the race. Power, superiority, force, strength and survival of the fittest were among their many new and erroneous beliefs.
    Leila and her companions knew this was nonsense. They reasoned that some great distortion of perception had apparently come over these Souls, and in order to see the truth again they needed to regain their finer nature and form. However, in order for Leila and her group to reach these Souls, they were going to have to move deeper into the Earth’s dimensions themselves – a move very few of them wanted to make – yet they couldn’t just leave these lost Souls in such a ridiculous state of awareness. After much reflection, Leila and her companions felt sure they could maintain their spiritual consciousness while communicating with these terrestrial ones.
    The plan was to first approach those who were the least affected by the Earth’s physical dimension, re-awaken them to the truth, and convince them to convey to the others that they were heading in the wrong direction and needed to turn around. Returning to the higher dimensions of life and conscious awareness had to be done soon or they would be too enmeshed in matter to get out. If this happened, then they would have to go through the whole journey of material evolution.
    Though Leila had visited Earth before, this was to be her first sojourn among its unique realms. However, she was not in a body like the ones we occupy today. She, and those who came with her, made themselves known to the terrestrial Souls by projecting three-dimensional images of themselves into the Earth’s dimension using light, much in the way we create a hologram. At first Leila’s image was much like a sphere of illuminated consciousness from which her thoughts could be conveyed to the terrestrial Souls. But when it became apparent that the terrestrial Souls were too three-dimensionally focused to relate to these images, Leila and her companions began to project a form that approached the shape of our bodies today. However, it was much lighter and less dense, still very much like a hologram formed by light but with increasing definition.
    Using this image-form she began to sojourn for the first time in what was to become the continent of Atlantis. Here many Souls were living in various degrees of solidity and awareness. Since Leila retained her attunement to the Universal Consciousness, she was considered to be a goddess. Many came to her for guidance and help in understanding what was happening to them and their companions, but she also met with strong, aggressive challenges from the leaders of the terrestrially bound Souls. They challenged everything she and her companions held to be true about the Universal One, the higher dimensions and our true purposes for being.
    It quickly became apparent that this transformation in consciousness was going to take much longer than originally expected. The terrestrially possessed companions were far more involved in this world than had first been suspected. In fact, many of them were actually seeking to build colonies here and sojourn among the planet’s trees, mountains, and waters indefinitely. This might have been completely compatible with the Creator if they had not also been developing an almost idiotic interest in themselves and their own desires (Selfishness) without any regard for others and the Universal Forces.
    This self-seeking energy would prove to be the first evil, the first sin, and the followers and supporters of this self-centered movement would become known as “The Children of Darkness” (Or “Sons of Beliel”) because their paths led toward the abyss of separation and loss of contact with the Creator. Prior to these changes there had been only One Force. Now there were two; the second, an evil that mounted life for its own purposes, destroying everything in its way. The loss of contact with any holistic source and interconnection to life, combined with the new paradigm reflected in the principles of “survival of the fittest,” established an entirely new and inherently destructive dimension of consciousness.
    Unfortunately, self-seeking selfishness was not the sole possession of the terrestrially bound Souls. Every free-willed companion had within it the potential to begin seeking its own way without concern for the effect on others and the Whole. Free will and independent consciousness were godly gifts, yet with just the slightest shift in intent these sublime wonders of the fledgling gods became weapons of devils. Each of the companions had to struggle to subdue their self-only desires in order to remain in harmony with the Whole and the other companions.
    Leila struggled hard to maintain her attunement and to aid those who sought her guidance and counsel, but she could feel herself assuming more and more the substance of the Earth. As she battled with the terrestrial leaders, she found herself becoming more willful and determined to force her views upon them. This righteous and well-meaning desire was subtly giving strength to forces of self-interest, but unlike some of her fellow companions, Leila perceived the effects of willfulness, and resisted.
    Her name was now Asamee. Hers was not exactly an individual name as we have today; rather, it was the collective name for a line of Souls, all of whom were called “Asamee.” Individuality was not near what it has become today. Differentiating one Soul from another wasn’t done; all were still very much one. Those who felt as she did about life and consciousness were called “The Children of the Law of One.” This name had come to them because of their insistence that there was only One Force in the universe, and Souls were the children of the One. They also taught “The Law of the One,” which included a principle that actions naturally produce reactions, an idea that the terrestrials considered ridiculous and just another attempt to keep them from doing whatever they wanted.
    One of the Souls who was with the Asamee Soul group, in these times was called Amilius. This Soul would in a later incarnation become known as Melchizedek, King of righteousness. His story weaves in and out of Leila’s and is a fascinating one in itself. In these very early times on the planet, Amilius perceived the disastrous change that had come over his fellow Souls, resulting in the terrestrial ones, and came to the conclusion that things had gotten beyond the level of a brief flirtation with the Earth. It was now time, he felt, to develop a much more long-term plan for dealing with the situation. On this point, many of the Children of the Law of One disagreed or had other ideas about how better to deal with the problem. Thus, for the first time, a difference of opinion arose within the ranks of the Children. Amilius, his intentions pure and his vision clear, was clearly attuned to the Universal Consciousness. Because of this, most of the Children supported his perceptions, some begrudgingly, others wholeheartedly, but of course, some resisted them strongly.
    Amilius perceived that if this loss of celestial consciousness could happen to one Soul, it could happen to any Soul; therefore, the problem needed to be faced; the temptation needed to be overcome, not avoided. Furthermore, the root of the problem was not the Earth and its unique form of life, but the struggle within each Soul to learn to use its godliness in such a way as to be all it was meant to be and yet not destroy itself and other life in the process. Key to this problem was the sense of separation a Soul felt as it became more self-conscious and less universally conscious. This sense of separation, which resulted in a loss of purpose and identity with anything or anyone, occurred in the celestial realms as well as in the Earth, though more accentuated in the latter. Therefore, it was assumed the Earth was the best place to conquer it.
    Amilius was making a commitment to enter the Earth and live among the lost ones to somehow overcome its destructive influences. He believed if self-consciousness and its resulting sense of separation could be overcome, it could be overcome here as well as anywhere else. And once overcome, it would no longer have any power over the Children, the future companions of God; they would know the truth and they would be free.
    Some among Amilius’ group wanted to leave these Earthlings to wallow in their own sins and delusions. Others doubted their own ability to resist the temptations that had so possessed the lost Souls. For in addition to dealing with this problem of one’s own inner temptations and struggles, they were going to have to deal with the terrestrial Souls who had now become very aggressive and lawless. To attempt to live among them was not only spiritually, mentally and emotionally dangerous, it was physically dangerous. Some of the Children also pointed out that there were many complications involved in this Earth problem, so many complexities and complications that a real solution might well be impossible. Perhaps they would just be throwing good Souls after bad if they attempted to enter and subdue this world.
    With all of these hazards in mind and in spite of much bickering among the Children, Asamee and her fellow Souls, including Amilius, began to set up a system whereby the lost ones could regain their heavenly consciousness. Living with the Children of the Law of One they would learn to overcome their potential for evil. It was a grand endeavor, filled with that spirit that is only found in the faithful, the hopeful, the positive ones. Little did they know just how formidable their adversary was, both the inner and outer.
    First on their list was to prepare a new physical form that would allow the companions of God to sojourn in the Earth with some semblance of their true, spiritual nature. Their animal-like forms were totally ill-suited for spiritual endeavors and actually added to their problems with perception and understanding. As companions of the Creator, they needed a physical form that suited their particular spiritual characteristics and yet was based on sound principles for functioning well in the third-dimension.
    Furthermore, their sexual oneness had been eroded by the natural duality of the planet, causing them to accentuate one aspect of their sexual forces (male or female) and subdue the other (the respective male or female opposite). No longer were they united, androgynous beings; they were now either predominantly masculine or feminine in their appearance and energy. Physically, then, their new Earthly form would need to reflect these changes by being either male or female. Asamee and her fellow “double-sexed” companions began the work of creating forms for these Souls, male and female, separating their double-sexed natures into single-sexed physical projections, Amilius being the first to completely achieve this. (As Adam).
    The physical setting for all of these struggles and the subsequent work and commitment was Atlantis. Many Souls were involved, and Leila interacted with most of them, their lives weaving in and out of hers throughout her incarnations In some cases, they built strong, lasting relationships that were forever a blessing to them. In other cases, they built disagreements, misunderstandings and distrust that haunted them whenever their paths crossed.
    As this work continued, Leila withdrew from the Earth to prepare herself to be a channel through which the Children could enter into the new human bodies. She chose to accentuate her feminine forces and subdue her masculine, and throughout her many incarnations never changed her mind, remaining female in each.
    These early periods, the Earth had gone on for an enormously long time. In Earth time, the activities in Atlantis lasted some 200,000 years. During the last 50,000 years the huge continent had broken into several islands from violent Earthquakes. Leila had sojourned here as Asamee for much of the early period and was preparing to return to Earth as the last of Atlantis sank into the sea and a new era began.
    This would be her first true incarnation in that she was actually going to enter and live in a physical body, a female body, for the first time. It was not a haphazard event. Many of the Souls with whom she had worked in Atlantis were already in the Earth preparing for her incarnation.
    Conditions in the Earth had changed dramatically. En masse, the Souls had entered, preparing for generations of incarnations that were to be a part of this new world; a joyful solution, it was hoped.
    In five different regions, in five different races, in five different nations the Souls entered, each group manifesting a unique characteristic of their celestial nature and each responsible for maintaining and enlightening the physical world with that celestial aspect while the cycles of Earth-life moved toward their destiny.
    Leila was among those Souls charged with developing the white race. Their original center was in the Caucasus Mountains, though many of them migrated into what today would be called northern Africa, Egypt, eastern Asia and Europe.
    In Egypt, the high-priest Ra Ta, and several others working closely with him, were preparing for Leila’s entry. Hers was to be a very special event for she had the potential to manifest the optimal characteristics of a true, pure, human-type physical body.
    Many of the bodies in all races were contaminated and distorted by animal characteristics that lingered from the early days of the terrestrial ones. To produce a perfect form for the companions, one had to use the natural laws of the Earth’s genetics combined with a clear mental image and visualization of the desired result. Then hope that the Soul who inhabited the body possessed the same image and could maintain it sufficiently to manifest it in physical form! Even then, the new creation could end up sexually mingling with another body that wasn’t as purely human, mixing it with stronger animal characteristics, and ruin everything.
    These were unusual times. There were no families, no parents, no laws – just millions and millions of Souls in varying degrees of consciousness, with different motives and desires, and different physical bodies. The celestially attuned companions were living in human-like terrestrial forms, and though their proximity to the lost ones helped awaken many, it, sadly, also helped to lower the awareness of the celestial ones.
    Despite the temptations and difficulties, Ra Ta and his many co-workers had prepared themselves and their bodies carefully. Among themselves they had selected two who were genetically, as well as mentally and spiritually, the best. These had been developed, preserved and finally brought together for the conception of a third body, one that would even better the parent bodies.
    Leila had also prepared herself well. She had sojourned in the celestial environs with as pure an attunement to the Universal One as she could possibly manage. Her attunement was no longer what it had once been in the early morning moments after the original creation, where her life and awareness were one with All life. Too much had come between her and the deep stillness of the Universal One. Nevertheless, it was an attunement sufficient to make her a rare Soul among Earth-bound Souls and to bring a glimpse to others of what it had been like to be a morning star in that now distant dawn.
    Ra Ta anxiously watched as the newborn was being received from the womb, and as it was being cleansed and prepared for presentation. His eyes searched for the tell-tale signs of beastliness or celestialness and the true characteristics of a pure human form. Again and again he scanned every detail of her body. Nothing, absolutely nothing was distorted or contaminated; she was truly human. Clear sharp eyes, pure skin, very little hair – the priest could hardly believe his eyes. She was the perfect human form for the heavenly Souls to use during their incarnations in the new world. As he pulled away to reflect on the meaning and potential of the event, the others with him pushed their way in to see for themselves.
    The celestially aware companions entered in five different races. This was originally accomplished more in consciousness than in form, for their bodies did not immediately reflect true, pure human qualities but had to be developed toward this aim. At this early stage in man’s entry into the Earth, human qualities were more mental images than physical forms, and in order to convert them into physical reality, it was essential to work within the laws of evolution and genetics native to the earth.
    Ra Ta and his companions had finally achieved the perfected white body (originating in the Caucus and Carpathian areas, and perfected in Egypt). The red had already been perfected (Atlantis and North America), as well as the brown (Lemuria and the Andes), the black (Sudan and Congo) and the yellow (Gobi area). Leila had been the Soul that entered this first purely Caucasian body. Her new name, appropriate, was Tar Ello, “body of light.” It was a high achievement for Leila. She gave hope and inspiration to many through her beautiful reflection of one of the five aspects of the heavenly “form.” Man was no longer a beast of the world, but a descendant from another world above; a beautiful descendant. Now the work of the ascension was ahead of them, the return to their life “before the world was.”
    Though Tar Ello had accomplished much in achieving her first flesh body, it would prove to be a very difficult incarnation for her. She was looked upon with awe and reverence, and viewed and judged by her outer form more than her inner spirit. She naturally felt special, different and more alone than she had ever felt in the higher dimensions. Even some of her closest companions in the spirit were now so in awe of her that they set her above themselves, no longer swapping counsel and support, but expecting all the wisdom and strength to come from her alone. Others, who had been her friends and colleagues in the Atlantean sojourn, now resented her new physical superiority, feeling that she no more deserved such an honor than they.

    Leila longed for the early times when no Soul was greater than another and all shared together as equals and companions. On Earth everything was measured and judged by appearance, position and power. It was a lonely place to live, each within one’s own body, separated from the others and measured by outer qualities and segregated accordingly.
    Ra Ta perceived the girl’s sadness, though ever so subtle it was, for she kept her mission above her personal needs. He encouraged her to take part in the ceremonies of the temples and find comfort in prayer and meditation. Ax-Tell and his son Ax-Tellus, both remnants of the Atlantean Civilization and members of the perfected red race, had long understood the problems of loneliness and separation in the new world. Seeing this same feeling in the eyes of this little white child and in so many others, they encouraged the high-priest Ra Ta and the king of the land, Ararat, to consider a new living arrangement for Souls while incarnate in the Earth. Instead of living in medium to large groups, their plan was that each group would break into small sub-groups consisting of one male and one female whose offspring lived with them. Together they would form a support group for each of their members, their own flesh and blood the bonding force. It was the beginning of the nuclear family, as we know it, and the sense of support that came from being someone’s child, sibling, or parent. This structure would also reflect the heavenly realm where the children of the father-mother God companioned in a close, nurturing environment.
    It was an excellent idea, but Tar Ello was a temple virgin and there was no way Ra Ta was going to agree to allow her to live in a separate dwelling with her natural parents amid all the other Souls of mixed blood and morality. This world was still too savage and beastly for that. She was too rare, too special. But those close to Tar Ello knew she carried a deep sadness and loneliness with her and she would not be the perfect temple priestess Ra Ta wanted. Nevertheless, she struggled hard to maintain her attunement to the Universal One and carried out her daily work to the best of her ability.
    She continued to help make flesh a temporary home for spirit, drawing inspiration and guidance from her temple studies and duties and the many teachers and guides associated with the effort. One of these guides was Hermes, called by many the “Thrice Majestic One.” He was, in fact, the Soul who had been called Amilius in Atlantis. Continuing his work toward resurrecting the Earth-bound Souls to their former state in the heavens, he was now here in Ancient Egypt among the Children who also worked toward such an end. As it is commonly known among the students of mystery today, Hermes was the major influence behind the building of the Pyramids. Since the descent of the Souls was going to take them deep into the world of matter and physical reality, these monuments were built as reminders of the former realms that still lie beyond physical death. But they were more than monuments in those early days. Leila and her fellow Children of the One used some of these structures for their initiations into the true realities and purposes for life; truths that were fast becoming myths and legends. Through her close relationship with Ra Ta and his close relationship with Hermes, she continued to be involved with this great Soul and His destiny.
    Unfortunately, after the death of Ra Ta, who had become her inspiration and strength, Tar Ello fell from the high pedestal she had so sincerely accepted. Eventually, she left the temple to become the companion of Exderenemus, another remnant of Atlantis, and a Soul with whom she would companion in many of her incarnations.
    These dramatic changes in Tar Ello’s life and position astonished those who worshiped her and caused those who resented her to take every opportunity to discredit her. All of this left Leila’s Soul deeply distressed. What had begun as a grand endeavor was ending in a purposeless mess. She withdrew from her body, from this place of sadness, and sought to rid herself of the memory of the whole earthling experience. She withdrew to the realms of another planet, and there purged herself of all remnants of the flesh. From here she withdrew even further from Earth, her spirit rising higher and higher until she could feel the light of the Universal One fill her being and purge her of her Earthly dross, leaving it to die. Here in the heavenly spheres she bathed and rejuvenated herself until once again she and her Creator were in touch with each other.
    As Earth keeps time, it wasn’t long before the Soul of the priest Ra Ta and Leila’s other companions beckoned her to join them in another visit to the environs of Earth and yet another attempt at overcoming its peculiar influences while helping the terrestrially bound Souls reawaken themselves. It was too much a part of Leila’s deepest wishes for her to refuse this goodwill mission, and since the Earth afforded her the opportunity to mend her disappointing sojourn in Egypt, she readily accepted the challenge. Off she went, revitalized and ready to make all aright.
    Together with her little band of like-minded Souls, Leila lived through many, many lifetimes in the Earth and in the realms beyond. Members of this loose-knit band were not always in agreement with each other or even considerate to one another, but, as is so often true of families, they were a unit, even at times, a team. One of their most significant incarnations came during the time of Christ.
    In this incarnation Leila and Ra Ta were brother and sister. Her name was Nimmuo and his was Lucius. Both were prominent members of the church at Laodicea. The setting, as many of us know, was the Holy Land during the occupation of the Roman Legions. That particular portion of Asia had been under the control and supervision of the Roman Empire for a very long time, their presence and power permeating every aspect of life in these regions.
    Nimmuo’s father was of Roman descent and had two wives, one Grecian and one Hebrew. Nimmuo was the child of the Greek mother while her brother Lucius was the son of the Hebrew mother. Since the Romans always made attempts to put in authority any locals who showed the potential for having sympathy with the needs and demands of the Empire and who could be helpful in making activities with the local people more harmonious, her Roman-born father and, therefore, she and her family, enjoyed the support of Rome.
    For very practical reasons the armies of Rome did not want trouble with the people they conquered; they simply couldn’t afford to keep expending any more of their resources governing these distant lands. Because of these practical needs and their policy of working with and supporting local people who showed signs of peaceful co-existence with them, Nimmuo’s family was given many financial and personal freedoms that were rare in those times. Her father, with his Hebrew wife and close connections with the Judean churches in the North, was considered to be of great benefit to the Empire as a friend so that even their Judean church profited. Nevertheless, Nimmuo and her family held tightly to the tenets and morals of their Hebrew faith, and though they interacted with the Roman leaders, shunned the lewdness and immorality the Romans brought to the Holy Land.
    As the activities and teachings reached their homeland in the North, the family began to come under their influence. To the Children of the Law of One, the teachings were a balm to their weary Souls and a beacon pointing the way to a forgotten consciousness and life. And when this blossoming ministry abruptly changed during the periods of Jesus’ trial and the Crucifixion, and then the subsequent reports that spread across the land as to what actually happened in the last hour of the Crucifixion – the entire family was caught up in wonderment and interest.
    So Nimmuo, then barely sixteen years old, and her brother, who was now a leading minister in their church, set off to the south to learn everything they could about these reports. Nimmuo wanted to meet and talk with everyone who had come in contact with the Teacher. Because she and her brother traveled under the protection and support of the Romans, many along the way were skeptical of their true faith and loyalty to the teachings. However, the sincerity and faithfulness of these two northerners was genuine and quickly perceived by the people they visited who shared with them the many stories about the Teacher’s life and teachings.
    They journeyed through the Holy Land, across the Sea of Galilee, down to those lands in Jordan through Petrea to Bethany and the house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus, and then into the City of Jerusalem itself. They met Mary the Mother and the rest of the family that had gathered under John’s roof as he had been instructed.
    In Bethany they heard the story about Mary Magdalene’s cleansing from her sins and Martha’s devotion and tireless efforts to care for everyone’s needs. Straight from Lazarus himself they heard about his death and his feelings and consciousness during the four days that his dead body lay in the tomb. He shared what it was like in the realms between Earth-life and Spirit-Life – how he had heard and felt the movement within himself when the Voice called, “Lazarus, come forth!”
    All this affected Nimmuo to her very Soul, making contact with those old sensations when she had been so close to her Creator, and leaving an imprint on her Soul-memory forever.
    She listened to the reports of how people had been healed by the laying on of His hands or merely His word spoken; how they had eaten bread that had been created by the word of the Teacher. She and her brother were forever changed by the recounting of these experiences, which kept them in rapt attention over and over again. Hearing these reports first-hand meant that Nimmuo and Lucius would be able to share these reports in great detail with their family, friends and church members back in Laodicea who until now had had to settle for translations through many tongues – meaning that much was always lost in the process.
    However, these times of enlightenment and awakening were not to pass peacefully. The Romans began to move against this growing new group that they considered to be nothing more than troublemakers. Nimmuo was present at one such event when James, the brother of Jesus, was chosen as head of the new church along with Peter. She witnessed how the other James and his brother John, the sons of Zebedee, had so stirred the spirit of the crowds that the Romans became afraid of the mass meeting and attacked with swords drawn, killing James and many others during the riot, and eventually exiling John to Patmos. These two sons of Zebedee had long been called “the Sons of Thunder” and the Romans had had enough of them. From this moment on the followers of the humble Essene Nazarene would be persecuted by the authorities.
    With the scattering of the disciples and friends, Nimmuo and her brother returned to Laodicea and the other churches of the north. Here they both grew in power and position because of their travels, knowledge, and understanding about this great event. Deep within Nimmuo she felt the essence of those things she heard in the homes of Mary, Martha, Lazarus and the Mother. As so often in her previous lives, her Soul yearned for the Spirit, for that soothing sense of the Divine Presence that she had always loved. Now, amid all the daily activities of this world and its limited perspective on life, she applied herself to the work that had begun many thousands of years earlier in that lost and forgotten land of Atlantis.
    Remember, everyone with whom she presently associated had been involved with her in Atlantis and Egypt, and several lifetimes in between. Amilius, that Soul who had been so attuned in the early periods that he committed himself to the rescue of the lost Souls, was the very person they now called Jesus. In this Divine incarnation He prepared the final phase of salvation for all Earth-bound Souls. He and the heavenly Father were one throughout this life; not separate. This showed to all who could still see with their spiritual, celestial eyes that reunion with the Creator could be done, thereby making it easier for others to do also. His words came from beyond the present world from the Universal Consciousness, our heavenly Father who created us in the very beginning:
    He said…..
    “You are not of this world.” (John 3:12)
    “Is it not written in your laws that you are gods? Yet you say… ‘Thou blasphemest’ because I say I am the Son of God.” (John 10:30-36)
    “No man has ascended up to heaven but he that came down from heaven…” (John 3:13).
    These words and the stories she heard on her journey through his homelands filled Nimmuo’s Soul with a new fervor and determination to continue with the work. Along with her brother and many others, she ministered to the needs of the people, particularly those involved in the church at Leodicea. And when the church was nearly destroyed from within by a severe difference of opinion on how best to judge what was right and what was wrong, Nimmuo’s serene and patient counsel kept the church from dividing in two. She seemed to sense the inner meaning of the teachings and never got lost in the many surface interpretations and dogmas to which man so often binds others once they are created.
    This was not an easy time for this Soul. She was surrounded by the very same Souls who had seen her fall in Egypt, and many of them doubted her new-found inspiration, suspecting she would once again let them down. But they underestimated her determination to make things right with all those Souls she had once failed. This was her opportunity and she seized it, snatching victory from out of the mouth of defeat. With all the wisdom and strength within her, she rose to the occasion and many other Souls rose a little higher because of her. This was her Soul’s finest hours.
    She lived a long and fulfilling life and withdrew to the peace of the heavenly environs for a lengthy period of meditation, letting the truths of that incarnation permeate deeply into her consciousness. She was a far wiser child of God than the one who taught in Atlantis. She had seen the face of the beast and tamed it, at least most of it. But there was a little more yet to deal with, as she would soon see.
    After sojourning in the heavens for many Earth years, the soul of Leila returned for an incarnation that was most uncharacteristic. The Earth was now a major center of physical activity and densely populated. All of life and the universe were now viewed almost totally from a physical perspective. The history of the Earth established and supported the concept of physical reality being the only certain reality, and nearly everyone lived by this guiding concept. Business and commerce, religion and government, love of money had all become the powerful structures in which most lived. Into this world, so very different from that earlier world, the Soul of Leila incarnated as one of the daughters of a wealthy and prominent Englishman. Her name was Marge Olglethorp. She learned her role well and even enjoyed it. Parasols, long, whirling hoop skirts, fancy buggies and parties with all kinds of foods and beverages were the style of the day. Life was just a bowl of cherries, ripe for the eating and enjoying. Amazingly, Leila, as Marge, took to this fun little lifetime quite well. No great mission beyond pomp and pleasure; no great challenges to overcome beyond style and good taste – life was to be lived to its fullest.
    On one of the family’s journeys to America, Marge found herself caught-up in the role of being a southern belle and was well received by the ladies and gentlemen of this land of willows and moss, huge plantations and wealth beyond measure. Here she lived the life of a Georgia peach, with that special touch of breeding that is forever English. Ra Ta was not involved in this lifetime, but Exderenemus, her husband in Ancient Egypt, was. In fact, he had incarnated with her in the Palestine lifetime when she was Nimmuo, but the two of them did not develop a very close relationship in that life. In the present incarnation in England and Southern America a terrible disagreement ended their relationship with such bitterness that they would of necessity face it again in a future incarnation. How did this carefree lifetime become part of the experience of a Soul who was once the goddess of Atlantis, the perfection of Ancient Egypt and a minister of Laodicea? The Eastern teachings of reincarnation include a concept that Souls live a carefree incarnation about every six incarnations – a vacation, if you will, from the main work of spiritual resurrection. Perhaps the Soul of Leila was enjoying a much needed break from her many serious lifetimes of devotion, trial and hard lessons learned.
    It was after her incarnation as Marge that she reincarnated as the Leila. The little girl who began this story, and subsequently reincarnated as Barbara Murray, Barbara was a serene, elegant woman who devoted much of her time and energy to the spiritual work. In the present lifetime, Barbara married Exderenemus again, now called Ryan Simons. They were warned not to let this relationship end like it had in their previous life together. Amilius was Christ, having become one with the Father again and resurrected to prepare a place for them and each and every one of us. The two of them, Barbara and Ryan, had long ago dedicated themselves and their lives to this Soul they had known so closely throughout His lifetimes and His Earthly mission. They continued to live and teach the mystery that we are all celestial beings descended from our original heavenly kingdom through a long and arduous journey in this realm of physical reality, and destined to return from whence we came.
    The greatest service we can do for the universal Spirit is to serve others, the greatest service to others is to awaken them to the Universal Consciousness that lies within them and helping them free themselves from their selfishness and separate selves.
    But man will prey on man until man prey for man.
    Humbly Compiled, I am Rene’ Descartes

  2. Asger Trier Engberg
    December 5th, 2010 at 23:25 | #2

    Hello my friend 🙂 I hope that your fears will not come to its fulfilling. There are a huge fight coming, and we need the few, who actually understand the whereabouts of the universe to step in the fight for light and life. So, I do hope, that this is more of a hello than a good buy 🙂

    I need you to help me with a thing. We need to organize, and we need to knit together the forces of good into a unit of some coherence. Perhaps you and your friends will be a force of recognition? If you are interested, or indeed some of whom you know are interested in collaborating, please let me know.

    If this is the last comment from you, I hope that everything will be peaceful and joyful whereever you go 🙂


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