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The world turns at its hinges once again, old allies are deftly reverting from friend to foe. We see the final chapter of European colonialism unfolding in front of our very eyes. European civilization, once the leader of the world, projected and unfurled from the blasting ovens of England, from the chambers of royal Spain, from the inner core of the French republic. Is now falling, falling apart in neglect, in lack of faith, in corruption by the leaders of our realms. The effect is a vast changing of the political structure of the world. The muslims are trying to regenerate as they put most of their hopes into a political version of their faith, emblazoned and put forth by that juggler of fortunes called Ahmadinejad. The Chinese are competing with unsound methods, by stealing technology and reproducing the ideas of the west in  an unrespecting manner.

The Europeans are bound on hand and feet by a corrupt and elusive elite, trying to control the masses by illegal means.

The final apocalypse is closing in, because, as technology evolves, there can be only one system that will control it all, and that system should be democracy. Because democracy is the system that made it all possible, that made man journey to the moon, that created the frame of the internet revolution, that made possible the leap from materialism to spirit.

Mankind has to choose now, will it embrace the possibilities of democracy, or will it stop moments before it can realize its full potential as a being of immense potentiality?

I say, let us have another renaissance, I say, let us go back to the very roots of our civilization, to Sparta, to Eden, to Egypt, to the vikingstate, and let us create that ultimate democracy, that will give us the freedom we, as mankind, are promised from the beginning.

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