Let the people of the Middle East be free

Today Ghadaffi blasted Denmark. Ghadaffi scorned Denmark for the critical stance towards Islam, and islamism. Let it be heard, without any doubt, with no regret, with the full heart of a noble nation; we stand by our critisism. Yes, the foul deeds done in the islamic world, the torture, the tyranny, the corruption, the rape of citizens, the evil that overflows the banks of these systems, are of no real humanistic value, we despise them, we do not like them, we fight them with all our heart, with all of our dwindling might, with all our soul, because it is a system unfit for the common man, it is a system of fascism.

Now what do we have to offer instead? We have the system of democracy, this beautiful, advanced, just and social system. Yes there is of lot of corruption in it today, yes we did foul things in the past, in the torture of Latin America, in the evil ways in China, Africa and India. We did wrong, we have admitted it, and we have payed our debts in the honour of our women, in the tears of our children, as they were raped by the criminal immigrants. We have payed our debts, and it is time for us to realize the inherent beauty of our system. Because the problem with our ways have not been the system itself, but the betrayal of the principles that lie at basis of our valuable and fine system called democracy.

What we have to offer is the freedom of that system, the freedom that lies at the basis of the principles. We are offering this freedom to the people of the Middle East. We have thrived with this system for many hundred years, not until recently did we part from the principles of democracy; freedom of speech, the rule by law, transperency, solidarity. And the fight we are figthing in Libya is not only a fight to free the people of Libya, but also a fight to cleanse ourselves from the corruption that is within our own systems of belief. It is both an inner and an outer fight.

This is what we have to offer, this is the terms we are trying to meet ourselves; the freedom of the peoples. Not only the american people or the danish people, but all the peoples of the world. The little man, the mighty queen, the beautiful baby, are all members of a nation grounded in the will of the people. We are all equal in the eyes of the state, and we can all seek justice within that system of belief.

Will the libyans choose the danish system, or will they choose Ghadaffi? I stand with Denmark. I am the only fighter left in fray here in Denmark, but yet still standing. I stand tall, and I support the libyans, the iranians, the bahranians, the syrians, the saudis, the egytians, the morrocans, the yemenite, the jordanian, the palestinian, all people who want simply to be free.

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