To marry, is to begin a long journey together. I have been married for quite some time now, and here are my ideas regarding some of that wonderful but often also very difficult part of life.

First of all, one thing we have got all wrong in these liberated times, is equality. After the Marxist’s revolution in 68, women went all crazy about women’s liberation.

Don’t get me wrong, I do support the right of all women not to be the tools of manly desires. At the other hand, what went wrong was the excess of female fight for liberality. Many women were ready to sacrifice their families in order to be free. That is too much.

At the end of the ordeal, we should remember the aim of equality. That is harmony. You seek equality to reach a state of harmony. It is actually a mathematical tool.

So instead of working on each other’s freedom, and worry about the threat of the other putting you down. Seek harmony and equality both of you, and the effect will be harmonious love.

Secondly. A soldier has something that he carries with him, always, and is important to him as well as his family. He carries his honour.

Having honour is paramount to a soldier, but as a father it is equally important. Knowing what is right and wrong for the choices of the family is very Important, to be clear on the virtues and values that one fight and live for, is important also in family life.

Often the pressure and the difficulties challenge your ethics. Crying babies can be much more difficult than dodging bullets.

The fuel of the relationship is love. But love does not come cheap, it is payed with the currency of sacrifice. Being selfish in a relationship doesn’t work. One has to, as in fighting for ones country be ready to sacrifice things that are dear to one. Often it is the choice between career and family life. Choose family, always. It is the most important.

Communication is also extremely important. Often we men are the strong and silent types. That is all well on the battlefield. But when things are difficult, one needs to be able to communicate about the challenges one meet. Talk together, but more importantly, listen.

Then as Empedocles say, at the core of Change lies either love of strife. You can chose which one you want to be.

But I can say this much. England needs a lot of healing.

G-d bless the marriage between his royal highness prince Harry, and his princess Meghan Markle.

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