Welcome mr. President

The great president of one of my favourite countries is due to a visit in Denmark. Mr. Macron, president of the fifth republic of France. A peacemaker and a possible reformer.

France and Denmark have many things in common, one of them the fight for liberty and justice.

The French Revolution had a heavy impact on Denmark, and we still really try to strengthen the ideas of that time.

So I am really happy that the president comes here, and I wish I could be a part of the discussion. Unfortunately I am not invited.

That is ok, but perhaps a friendly talk and a possibility to discuss the challenges with mr. Macron would be an idea?

The hand is opened towards France. I do not speak French, so it is really difficult for me to follow the trends of French Democracy. Having a personal contact and friendship would make it a bit easier.

If things cannot be arranged so that I can attend one the many get togethers. Well, that is ok, I will try to understand what is happening anyway, and support where I can.

G-d bless the fifth republic of France, maybe soon the sixth.

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