It has been some years after the peace process mr. Barack Obama made in the Middle East was concluded, and it is time to draw back a little, and thing about the pros and cons of it.

What went wrong, and what suceeeded?

First of all, we did succeed making peace with the Sunnis. This peace, that is the Arab league with Saudi Arabia and Egypt plus a plethora of Arab states still hold.

Secondly we made the peace deal with Iran.

Now, the first is still in effect, but the second is challenged by Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Trump. Ok, I get it, there is still fights going on in the Middle East, where proxy wars are fought. The fight is, essentially, not over. If they attack us, we fight back, that is the way war is.

But that still makes the JCPOAC a success. The atomic annihilation scenario is, for now, off the table.

The fights are more regional and conventional.

That is, in the Middle East, with all its bickering and eternal fights a HUGE success. I mean we have fought in the Middle East for the last five thousand years. So that is something.

I know, that the Sunni and Shia are still fighting in Yemen, and the Muslim Brotherhood is still active, plus IS.

But the fact that Israel has new friends among the Sunni is a huge boost to the security of Israel, and the fact that we, for now, do not have to worry about being annihilated by Iran is also good.

The success, calls for a renewal of the peace efforts at some point.

Now, I am not a warmonger or a peace nick, I am somewhere in between. If they fight us, we fight back, if there is a chance for peace, we take it.

Remember, the peace we made with the Iranian was after a long scuffle with Ahmadinejad. So that was war.

But still, it was a huge step.

So, instead of fighting in the mindset of the Oslo accords. We should realize the new situation, and plan according to that.

We should also try to discuss the reason why we made this success, to learn and to be able to repeat it again.

This is a take on it.

First of all, we Jews are eternally stretched out between our own arrogance and our own quest for the realization of G-ds realization on earth.

With all the skills we have, we are naturally prone to be arrogant.

I know it from myself. When I was young, I could do anything. I was the best at anything that I did. School, art, work, anything. I do not say this to brag, but to tell my story, and use it as a way to learn.

My natural arrogance due to all this skill, let me into a lot of trouble. There was envy and I wandered around trying to find something that wasn’t completely boring.

At a specific time, I discovered my own quest for a better world. I had been in the IT business for some years, and was the best. But I really did not like all the corruption in the business. So I tried to do something about it, talk about it.

So from being at the top of my class, I became hated by a huge part of the industry here in Denmark. I went from acclaimed hero to villain in a blink of an eye.

This was good for me, it cured me for my arrogance. Because I realized, that arrogance is only the effect of using my skill without an ethical basis.

That is the story of Israel. When we are just who we are, being fantastic in many ways, people adore us. If we go for an ethical world, people hate us.

Point being, that in order to find peace, we have to find a balance between ethics and skill.

We have to USE our skills with care and an eye to virtue.

If we find that balance, there is a chance for peace, because people around us realize, that we are very good at what we do, but we try to be ethical with our means.

G-d bless Israel.

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