There are very few who actually defend the legacy of mr. Barack Obama. Why is that? I mean in these times where American power is diminished by the hour, why not learn from the one who actually did succeed with making America an international leader?

This is not to diminish mr. Trump, he does his best, and he has some success. Especially in the field of economic.

But peace and war is where Obama really outshone any presidents before him.

He made peace in the Middle East, created an American lead alliance against IS, made the basis upon which mr. Trump is now fighting China.

All policies that are now really creating a boom on American economy, and potentially will take the West back from the abyss.

I know that people are divided these days, but then why not celebrate the victories?

How can we get the discussion going? For me, I have tried to write to the New York Times. I believe, that in order to get the discussion going in the US, we need a qualified debate.

But unfortunately I have heard nothing from the New York Times.

If there are any leading papers in the US who are interested in supporting the legacy of Mr. Barack Obama, please send me some kind of interest sign.

We need to start the discussion on what went right in the Obama era, to try to learn.

For me, it’s pretty obvious, he was a master mind in terms of international politics. That is something, and his grace will be one of things that we should remember.

He saved you, and it is time to celebrate.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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