We should unite not divide

There is an election coming up in november, this election will be pivotal in the efforts of the Democratic party to regain some momentum and faith in itself.

First of all, we had an amazing presidentship with Mr. Barack Obama, let us not forget that. He was really good.

So, instead of looking at the current crisis as a permanent thing, then let us have a look at what we did right, and build on that.

We did one thing right I think. We created an example of a leadership that never sought to divide people. But sought to unite.

It wasnt a presidentship that discussed race, it was a shining example of a presidentship where you did NOT discuss race. Because it was not necesarry.

The ability to make an international impression on the world based on skill and good will was what it was all about. Saving America.

Unite not divide.

This is something we can take with us from Mr. Obamas presidentship. The ability to reach black, white, yellow, brown. The ability to be a human being not a colour.

That is what it was all about, proving that colour does not matter.

G-d bless the United States of America.

P.s. I have send an invitation for Mr. Obama when he comes here at the end of september. We need to up the game on legacy.

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